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The Front Page of Internet-Reddit


If you look back into the record of events in the past ten years and turn up a route to the present day, it would not be perplexing to discover that social media were not as dime as a dozen as they are in the current times. Many e-commerce companies and local vendors have eventually jumped onto the wagon of various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and many other. Nevertheless, the self-manifested and self-labeled “Front page of the Internet” hurtled into the contemporary social media society. One of the remarkable features of gripping the qualities of breakthrough social media sites like Reddit is the wealth of skill that is intellectually invigorating. The secret of success behind splendid performance on a platform like Reddit is owning the stage and living the role.

This is a herald for all the desirable things to come as we have outlined this paragon in a fashion that is anything but erudite. Therefore, until you are done with the last letter of the last sentence, you are suggested to keep your back on the wall and be conscious of your tranquility.


To all the euphoria cocooned readers, Reddit is a social networking news site resembling an online bulletin board. Reddit is a shade higher than the other prominently utilized social media platforms when user participation is considered. Users registered in Reddit will be able to submit data related to any one or more domains like books, movies, tech, music, sports, and gaming. The data presented is up-voted or down-voted by the other registered Reddit users. To vitalize niche posts, the developers of Reddit have come up with a fascinating feature called ‘Sub-Reddit.’ Users will be able to choose the niche of their choice and plume the forum with shrewd content.


The phrase ‘Slashdot effect’ has been rechristened in the present times as ‘Reddit hug.’ Due to a registered user’s spontaneous popularity on Reddit, the Internet server or an item is forced to shut down. This event is coined in the Internet slang as a ‘Reddit hug’ or ‘Reddit Hug of Death.’ Let us now see a case that supports this:

TAFT is a US-based e-commerce store that manufactures shoes and socks for men and women. Kory Stevens is the proud possessor of TAFT. A stranger who was utterly impressed with the quality of the store’s shoes posted in Reddit links to the reasonably priced goods at TAFT. Crossing everybody’s expectations, the sales of the TAFT’s products and pre-order of the shoes and socks soared high in less than half an hour, leaving Kory Stevens with an enormous profit of $55k+.


  1. Thanking the user who has spread the good word about the product.
  2. Addressing a few popular things.
  3. Making value-added communications.


  1. Let your co-Reddit users know that you are absurdly active on Reddit.
  2. Stack the odds for your thread by not posting a sales pitch.
  3. Post intriguing content.
  4. Give a catchy title to your thread.
  5. Create a community (Sub-Reddit).
  6. Provide complementary back-links to your posts.
  7. Conduct AMA-Ask Me Anything sessions.

That’s how you end up with an excellent platform for digital marketing. Kudos!


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