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The Fun Greek Festival Cleveland Ohio


Heard about the Greek Festival Cleveland Ohio?

Greek festivals are popular among the Greek community and anyone who loves to celebrate and eat! While several cities across the state of Ohio engage in hosting some form of the event, the Greek festival Cleveland Ohio is something you want to look out for. 

The festivals are an imminent celebration of the Greek culture and everything that it stands for! Besides tons of entertainment and dances and activities, you can indulge in some of your favorite Greek delicacies. All sorts of delicious Greek food can be found here, sweet or savory, whichever you’d prefer.

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The Greek festival Cleveland Ohio is more often than not equated with the Tremont Greek festival, a part of and hosted by the Annunciation Greek Orthodox church.


The Tremont Greek Festival organization has been a part of Cleveland’s culture for almost half a century now. The festival stands as a proud representation point for the Greek culture and their cuisine.

Hosted on the Memorial Day weekend every year, the Greek festival Cleveland Ohio encourages cultural participation, builds up the community, and spreads joy through the food. Besides the Annunciation Church, another church named Saints Constantine and Helen Greek orthodox cathedral also holds a festival.

The Annunciation Greek church and the people in the parish go all out in celebration of the festival. Enthusiastic volunteers from the community and people from the church all get together to produce decadent Greek dishes like the moussaka, baklava, and other famous ones.

Annunciation Church

The host of the famed annual Greek festival Cleveland Ohio, Annunciation church has held its home in Cleveland for over a century and is proudly called the “Mother Church” for all Greek Orthodox churches in Cleveland. It is also the first-ever Greek orthodox church that was established in Cleveland.

The Greeks first settled in the region where the current church is back in the late 1800s to early 1900s. There weren’t any places to conduct their worship at the time. So, the priests used to offer and conduct services in community apartments and other public places. 

Then, after a couple of years from the establishment of the Annunciation Church, the Ats. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral and the St. Demetrios Cathedral were established under the “Mother Church” or the Annunciation Church.

Annunciation Church and the community and churches under it started hosting the Greek festival Cleveland Ohio to bring the community together and build faith. Consequently, it also helped to assist the churches financially.

The Golden Domes

The Annunciation Church is a rather significant part of the Tremont region. The beautiful church stands apart in the region owing to its beautiful golden domes. You can spot the domes from the I-90 freeway.

In 2018, at the Tremont Greek festival Cleveland Ohio, you could donate to the Golden Domes fund and receive stickers in return. You could win something from the stickers!

The domes have been a symbol of the community’s love and faith for over 100 years. Thus, the festival has also aided the enhancement of faith in the community. 

The Food

Arguably one of the most significant parts of the festival is its delicious, finger-licking good food. Traditional Greek comfort food is known for being fancy and delicious, and you will find all the Greek delicacies here. The festival is hosted and volunteered by the Greeks so, the food is authentic, along with being very palatable.

You can enjoy food from all the different courses! Whether it’s a Greek salad as an appetizer, a lamb shank meal, or the baklava for dessert, you’ve got it all here! The food is homemade and prepared by enthusiastic volunteers and the church-going devotees who are eager to help the community and serve happiness.

Platters and A La Carte

The menu can’t be consistent every year at the Greek festival Cleveland Ohio, but if you’re a visitor, there are some Greek classics that you’ll probably always find here. One of those is the Lamb Shank with rice pilaf and a Greek salad. It’s a traditional and well-loved dish for obvious reasons. If you’re a meat-lover, make sure to get your hands on it!

Fish Plaki, Souvlaki (grilled pork with beans and more), Moussaka (the famed eggplant and beef dish that people can’t seem to get out of their minds), Manestra (a Greek-style delicious pasta), Spanakopita (a pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach), Paitsio (a layered macaroni dish with delicious sauce and ground beef) are some of the delicious classics.

If you’re stopping by the Greek festival Cleveland Ohio, be sure to give your favorite dishes a try. If you’re new to the world of Greek cuisine, explore it at your ease and acquaint yourself with the magic.

Greek Beers and Drinks

The Greek beers and wines are famed and loved thoroughly by the Greeks and non-Greeks alike! The festival serves an assortment of them that you can enjoy. At the same time, you chill out and drink in the fun of the festival (literally and otherwise!)

So, grab a Mythos beer or a bottle of the Imiglykos Red or the Retsina. You can pair it up with your favorite dish, or enjoy it by itself.

Coffee is a favorite beverage, so it’s no surprise that the Greeks are a part of the coffee culture too! You can try a traditional Greek coffee or a frappe of your choice, and you’ll find yourself wanting more.

Desserts and Pastries

If you’re not a savory person and you want to calm your sweet tooth cravings, then this festival has a lot in store for you. At the Greek festival Cleveland Ohio, you can find desserts and pastries that’ll leave you wanting more.

The all-famous baklava, Kourambiethes (a butter cookie), Galaktoboureko (custard pastry drenched in honey), Loukoumathes (Greek version of the fried dough balls that we’ve all come to love, sprinkled with cinnamon), Tsoureki (traditional Greek sweet bread), the Greek style rice pudding, and a ton more things that’ll leave you full and happy for days to come.

The Entertainment 

While you fill up on delicious Greek food and drinks, there are many things for your entertainment purposes. Getting bored isn’t something you’ll have to worry about once you’ve entered the festival. The Greeks really know their food, but they know their dances as well.

You can find many dance troupes dressed up in traditional Greek attire almost every year, and unique Greek dances are performed. A lot of the dancers come from other Greek churches across Ohio, especially the Northeast. Many musicians will make your Memorial Day weekend even better as you enjoy the Greek festival Cleveland Ohio.

If the histories of the lands and the cultures excite you, then the festival has got something for you as well. During the festival, every day, there are church tours organized of the Annunciation church, where you can offer a prayer, immerse in the serene surrounding and get lessons on the history of the Greek Orthodox churches, the architecture, the religion, and more.

Entertainment, while you’re at the Greek festival Cleveland Ohio, is something you definitely shouldn’t be worried about. You’ll get the full experience here and get to immerse yourself in this loved culture.

Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral Greek Festival

The church of Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral also hosts a festival of their own. The church is under the Annunciation Church, but they also host their own Memorial Day weekend Greek festival Cleveland Ohio, which is an extravaganza. 

It is equipped with some of the most-hearty and absolutely filling and happiness-inducing traditional Greek decisions. The food is prepared by enthusiastic volunteers. This Greek festival Cleveland Ohio is just as much of a blast.

If you’re interested in contributing or becoming a volunteer or a vendor, you can contact them and get yourself registered. Or enjoy it as it is. Indulge in the delicious food and drinks, watch the performances, or look around and take it all in. Also, church tours are a part of this Greek festival Cleveland Ohio as well. 

Greek Festival Cleveland Ohio

The traditional Greek festivals of Tremont and the ones hosted by Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral have played a huge role in uplifting the Greek culture. These festivals have also helped the general public realize the Greek culture’s significance and made it accessible.

The Greek cuisine and their dances and music have also been made pretty mainstream. A huge reason for this popularization is the Greek festival. A lot of people across the globe who, otherwise wouldn’t have had the Greek experience, have also started loving it! The culture has become one with the people and the Greek festivals, deserve a lot of credit for that. So, give the festival a chance and indulge yourself in the new experience and the beautiful culture!

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