Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Future Is Now: How AR Technology Can Be Used To Drive Brand Growth

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Augmented reality (AR) is making waves in the business world. This technology integrates digital content into the real world via smart devices like phones or tablets, and offers unique ways for brands to engage customers. In fact, 7/10 businesses want more AR ads incorporated into digital marketing campaigns for this very benefit, Vibrant Media reports.

AR technology is appealing to both businesses and consumers because it allows people to experience a product without actually having their hands on it. It’s an immersive experience which educates consumers about brands and products, engages them in meaningful, personalized ways, and creates long-lasting relationships which ensure repeat purchases.

AR in action

Numerous brands are using AR to allow customers to explore products and services, eliminate purchase indecision, and boost sales. 40% of consumers are even willing to pay more for a product if they can experience it through augmented reality. For example, IKEA has devised an AR catalog app so customers can see how specific items of furniture would look in their homes.

Volkswagen launched an application with which customers can take Audi’s on virtual drives. And Home Depot have an app which brings paint colors to life virtually. Users choose a color, hold their phone up to a wall, and can see what it looks like before purchasing. They can even compare and contrast it with how other colors look on the wall.  

How AR leads to business growth

Ultimately, AR technology personalizes the shopping experience for customers, which is crucial for retaining their loyalty, as is explained by Corporate Business Solutions Reviews. Customers like being acknowledged as individuals and even expect businesses to anticipate their needs. Just one of the ways VR can do this is by sending customers offers or even devising entire shopping lists based on their past purchases.

When VR is offered, 71% of customers are willing to buy from that brand more often. Since VR offers a continual stream of new and exciting content, consumers are also motivated to continue interacting with the brand and keep coming back to their app.

Bottom line

While AR technology is still in its early days, we can expect to see it playing an increasingly larger role in the lives of both businesses and consumers. AR has the power to strengthen relationships between consumers and brands and thus is becoming essential for any business growth strategy. Innovative, personalized, and engaging content — combined with superior user experience — has AR set to become and stay the preferred mode of shopping.

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