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The Guide To Caravan Tourism In India

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Caravan- The name sounds familiar in western countries. It is a kind of tourism where travelers enjoy their holidays in caravans. Yes, it is vehicle tourism. Surprised? It is no more a surprise in India. Ditch the popular KSTDC hotel and enjoy the popularity of caravan tourism in India is immense too. Caravan tourism gives you the pleasure, freedom to choose your itinerary.

It is a unique tourism concept where you will get accommodation, comfort, privacy, and leisure at your own time. It has a very different kind of accommodation compare to hotel accommodation. Indian launched caravan tourism so that you can travel and stay at the same time.

The main requirement of the caravan is Caravan Park in the closed circuits here; you will get designated space to stay and walk inside with basic needs. It comes in fancy and stylish décor inside the caravan that motivates your traveler spirit. You can easily book a fully equipped vehicle and enjoy a staycation. This is the central concept of caravan tourism in India.

Incredible India offers exciting new features with caravan tourism. India has a vast area of landscapes that adds fun to the caravan holidays. From hills, mountains, jungles to sea beaches, you can choose your destination and tourists can book the vehicle to spend some quality time with family and friends.

During the peak season time of popular tourist destinations, there is always a shortage of hotel accommodation. People love to travel in India, and it even increases gross state domestic income. Whether it is riverside, remote areas, deserts, or forests, caravan tourism in India brings a new addition to the accommodation.

Caravan tourism in India

Why Caravan Tourism In India Is A Popular In India?

If you are bored to always check-in into hotel rooms, then there is something different for you, and that is a caravan. When you start the journey on the road, you are a free bird. It is like a home that is away from your actual home. You do not have to give up on luxury or comfort. The caravans take care of your indulgence in the best possible ways.

If you take the budget consideration, then caravan tourism is much cost-effective compare to staying in a hotel. You can fit all your belongings easily inside the caravan. So, there is no question of overweight, canceling the items before check-in. Are you a pet owner? Then, you do not have to leave your pet in a pet center. You can also take your pet along with you in the caravan. Hence, you have a lot of freedom in caravan tourism in India.

Requirements That Are Must For Caravan Parks

It should be connected with the main road that is feasible for all weather. It should have a trading license and even from the concerned authorities. The caravan park must have good electricity, sewage connection, and water supply. For proper caravan tourism in India, these are the above basic requirements that one needs to run the caravan holidays.

Security And Safety Measures

If anyone is concerned with the quality and safety of caravan holidays, then let me just clear you will get the utmost safety, security while staying in the caravan. There is a specialized caravan for families, international tourists, friends, and even senior citizens.

The caravan park should have enclosed gates, and no trespassers should be allowed inside the park. One should provide a First Aid Kit at the reception desk to avoid any kind of accidents and mishaps. Outside you will get awning with wind sensors, shower, and even a bicycle rack.

The Guide To Caravan Tourism In India 1

Who Started This Caravan Tourism?

Mainly Madhya Pradesh and Kerala started the concept of caravan tourism in India. They wanted to bring this format in India and make it successful tourism in India. It is a very new kind of tourism that grabs the attention of the young generation.  Also, Karnataka’s chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa launched caravan tourism to boost the tourism industry. You can book the caravan and travel to places like Hampi, Gokarna Former cricketer Anil Kumble, Tiger Ramesh are the head honchos behind the caravan tourism initiative.

The Best Trails You Can Choose For Caravan

With the help of campervans, you can explore the hidden treasures of the caravan. The beauty of nature is tremendous. You can plan a long trip on the road to Leh Ladakh to witness high altitude passes and scenic valleys. Rishikesh is another destination that you can choose to observe spiritual wellbeing.

The “Queen of Hills,” i.e., Darjeeling, is another spot to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty and the vast tea plantation.  For dessert lovers, Jaisalmer is the right destination for the beauty of sands. Coorg has many beautiful landscapes that give you a soul-satisfying traveling experience.

Overall, this caravan tourism in India offers you many things that you can never imagine. You can travel to the place without anybody’s help. You are the own rider of your travel destination. You get a caravan dedicated only to your family or friends.

Necessary Facilities Inside The Caravan

These vehicles are customized for the tourists. Special features are added to make the vehicles perfect for caravan tourism. The sole purpose of this tourism is to encourage accommodation, leisure, and travel. The vehicles that one can use are Motor Homes, RVs, and Campervans.

You will get a sofa cum bed (2 people). There will be a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave and RO system. There is a toilet with a hand shower. There is also a storage of freshwater. There is a partition behind the driver seat—a pass for communication between the driver and other passengers. AC is optional. There are an eating table and audio, video facility. You will get an internal and external charging system. Also, there is an option for a GPS facility when that will be available.

This is the overall feature of the caravan. You are getting all these facilities that too at an affordable price.  So, you can make sure that this journey will be fun. If you want to explore India on-road and stay in some open parks, then caravan tourism is the right choice for you. You should take one chance to enjoy the caravan ride, and you will be no less than happy and excited.

The Guide To Caravan Tourism In India 2

Caravan Rental Services

Like the West, India is also taking up the speed of caravan tourism. It is still in its early stage. It will take time for mostly the middle classes to accustom to caravan tourism in India fully. The tourism Government of various States are giving a green signal to this concept of tourism.

As the caravan tourism concept is growing, so is the promotion of this tourism. Now, various independent caravan rental services are coming up in the market. They are spreading the popularity of this kind of tourism so that the young generation plunge into it and its popularity spread.

It is like getting the hotel features while traveling. The interiors of the caravans are vibrant, colorful, and comfortable. It is specially designed to provide all types of features at one go. This is the charm of the caravan. The Government is also promoting it with open hands so that more and more Indians feel energetic to take a ride and enjoy the beauty of India. The caravan is also available in various ranges. You can choose the one that best suits your budget and group.

Weekend Gateway

Are you bored with your monotonous life? Then, choosing a caravan trip with your friends or partner to a nearby weekend gateway is the best idea. It gives you relaxation away from mundane life.  Caravan tourism in India is not only best for a long road trip but also a weekend trip.

It is different from staying in a hotel. You will get a big space like a caravan park to park the van and stay overnight inside the vehicle with all the necessary facilities inside the van.

Tourism Industry Situation

To make the tourism industry a big hit, the Karnataka Government took the initiative to launch caravan tourism to revive the tourism sector. It gives an excellent employment opportunity for many people who are still unemployed. Even tourists get different refreshments to explore the traveling bug.

It is a kind of blessings for tourism where tourists can maintain social distancing. Four people can sleep on the sofa cum bed in the vehicle. It helps the tourists to maintain hygiene properly, and no one comes in contact with each other. It makes the travel industry flourish even in this pandemic situation. It is a good initiative taken by the Karnataka Government to combat the loss in the tourism industry. The Government accepts this caravan tourism one degree above for reviving the tourism sector.


Welcome India with this new concept of caravan tourism so that you can enjoy the best adventure in a campervan. It opens up new employment opportunities and even gives you the ultimate satisfaction to travel and feel like stay-at-home at one go.

It offers you great privacy and even gives you a cozy time that you want to spend with your loved ones. It is the next big thing that you must include in your bucket list.

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