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The Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

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There are only a few who claim to not love chocolate. We all know how chocolate can make us happy. It has so many other benefits which can totally justify eating a small amount of it on a daily basis! What one needs to remember is that this is dark chocolate we are talking about. The kind of chocolate which is good for us has to have at least seventy percent of cocoa in it.

  • Dark chocolate is good for the brain- It has anti-inflammatory qualities which can help to treat brain injuries. It also helps improve memory.
  • Dark chocolate reduces stroke risk- Studies conducted have found that consumption of chocolate reduces the risk of suffering a stroke in both men and women.
  • Dark chocolate may prevent diabetes- Having small amounts of dark chocolate on a daily basis improves insulin sensitivity and in turn, reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • Dark chocolate is good for the heart- It reduces cardiovascular diseases and lowers blood pressure. It also reduces cholesterol level.
  • Dark chocolate helps one lose weight– It contains fibres which make you feel full. This reduces the urge to eat too much, hence reducing weight. It’s better to eat chocolate than snacking on various other small things.
  • Dark chocolate makes one feel good- It contains the same chemical which makes you feel like you are falling in love- phenylethylamine. It also helps reduce stress.


  • Dark chocolate is good for your skin– It protects your skin again damage caused by the UV rays of the sun.
  • Dark chocolates improve blood flow- It prevents the formations of blood clots which improves blood flow and circulation. This results in more blood flow to the brain which improves memory, vision and alertness.
  • Dark chocolate helps suppress coughs- It contains Theobromine helps reduce the activity of vagus nerve which causes us to cough. It also reduces the risk of getting cavities.
  • Dark chocolate is rich in vitamins and minerals– Iron in chocolate helps prevent anaemia. The magnesium present in chocolate helps prevent diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. Copper and potassium help prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
  • Dark chocolate may prevent cancer- It contains a compound named pentamer which suppresses the proteins required for the cancer cells to divide.

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