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The Importance of Offline relationships in the Online Era

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Online dating has become one of the most popular leisure activities of the modern age. You can visit review service like this, select a dating platform that suits you the most and  minutes later you could be browsing through the profiles of a diverse range of prospective partners. But it’s always worthwhile placing things in perspective.

Virtual connections are all very well, but they’re only really intended to be a convenient way of introducing people. The longer-term aim will always be a connection in the real world. Here are the reasons why offline relationships will always be so important.

The Importance of Offline relationships in the Online Era 1

Face-to-face communication is much more reliable

One obvious aspect of the online world is the instant communication that is available. When you are connecting with someone on a dating site you can touch base in so many ways: texting, messaging, phone calls, video chats. But nothing will ever take the place of meeting someone in the flesh. Communicating online doesn’t take into account the subtle nuances of human interaction, such as the inflection in someone’s voice. It is all too easy for irony or flippancy in text messages to be misinterpreted as sarcasm by the person at the other end.

People are more honest in the flesh

Site users often use the anonymity of dating sites to create a facade. Especially in the early days of getting to know someone better, they might be tempted to exaggerate aspects of their personality or invent certain achievements to try and stand out from the crowd. It is only by meeting in the real world that the connection they have been nurturing in the online environment will truly develop. Individuals are far more likely to wear their hearts on their sleeve when they are indulging in face-to-face conversations.

Human contact will always get pulses racing

As you browse through the personal profiles on the dating site, you might find yourself attracted to any number of other individuals based on the photographs they’ve uploaded. But you have no way of knowing how accurate this representation is. They might be in the habit of altering photos with software such as Photoshop or even posting inaccurate or outdated images. Until you get to know someone, they only really exist to you as a username and a collection of pixels. It’s only by getting together and connecting in the real world that you can begin building a rapport.

Website users can be unreliable

It is not uncommon for people to use dating sites casually, flitting from one profile to the next, building relationships half-heartedly, only to lose interest and move on to someone else. This behavior is somewhat narcissistic and is hardly the foundation of a meaningful partnership. You might find yourself forging a real connection with someone on a dating site only for them to suddenly vanish from your radar when they home in on someone else. A whole new lexicon has entered modern vocabulary: you are far more likely to be ‘ghosted’ online than any offline relationship.

Actual dates are the basis of meaningful relationships

Even when you are developing an excellent rapport with someone on a dating site, there is only so much chemistry that can be developed by exchanging text messages or indulging in regular phone conversations. At this stage, your partnership will remain at a stage which might best be described as ‘tentatively getting familiar.’ Matching websites are only really meant to be a platform for singles to choose potential partners from an extensive shortlist. The ultimate aim will always be to arrange a rendezvous in the real world.

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