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The Lifestyles of Unique Professionals

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Today, there are more professions available than ever. While everyone knows the typical careers like doctor, lawyer or any other of the standard job fair type, there are many unique careers that come with an interesting lifestyle. Not everyone was destined to follow the usual path. If you are interested in a different walk of life, or looking to change professions, here are some unique jobs that come with lifestyles that are far from standard. 

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National Park Ranger 

For those that love the outdoors and working with nature, this may be the perfect career. While many people may recognize the iconic uniforms with the signature ranger hat, the actual daily lifestyle and duties of a national park ranger is not exactly common knowledge. To start, many rangers actually live in the parks they work in for extended periods of time, often the entire season.

They are there to greet visitors and keep a watchful eye on the park every day. Rangers must constantly be on the lookout for destructive forest fires, vandals, and especially poachers and people hunting and fishing illegally. Being a park ranger is an exceptionally rewarding career for those that enjoy nature, and it is famously a very competitive career to get into. 

Pro Poker Player

While there are numerous movies and references in pop culture that make the poker pro lifestyle look glamorous, trying to juggle this chaotic lifestyle while having a partner certainly comes with its own set of challenges. There can be a lot of ups and downs as a professional poker player, and this can certainly be a stressful lifestyle. However, those that have decided to walk this path wouldn’t change it for the world. Poker, like all things, brings a certain joy from the dedication to the craft. Hours upon hours of studying and building your skills is a rewarding journey for pro players. 

What you don’t see in the movies is the long hours spent grinding at the poker tables. Pro players understand that longevity comes down to patience and many nights spent playing hand after hand of poker. This is not glamorous and certainly not your typical 9 to 5 job. Being a pro player means believing and investing in yourself, without a guaranteed payoff.

Pros will often travel around the world for tournaments in exotic locations, and meet interesting people from all walks of life. While this may not be the career that your parents had in mind growing up, there are many people that love being a professional card player and the unique challenges suit them just fine. 

Ethical Hackers / Penetration Testers

 A penetration tester, or ethical hacker, are careers with incredibly broad scopes. With so much of the world today relying on software and security, there truly is no typical day and every contract is likely going to be very different and unique to the company. A pen tester is someone that uses their exceptional knowledge of computers and security to test your company’s networks, equipment, software, and apps for vulnerabilities.

They try to break through your security to find the flaws before they are exploited by criminals. While this may sound strange at first, keep in mind that companies like Apple or Google are multi-billion dollar corporations that deal with user’s sensitive information. If there was a security incident, they could be held liable for extensive damages.  

Unsurprisingly, many of these professionals have the luxury of working from home on their assignments. Otherwise, they will report to their client’s business or office to review data, make reports, and test the systems there. While many have reported that this can be an exceptionally exciting career, there will certainly still be a lot of boring aspects to push through. For those that enjoy building their skills in an ever-changing field, this is a very rewarding career, but one that must constantly be worked at. 


The Lifestyles of Unique Professionals 2

If only children knew they could grow up to be a chocolatier, why wasn’t this taught to us in school? This fantastical career is perfect for those that have a sweet tooth, but also don’t mind the labor that comes with it. A day in the life of a chocolatier starts early in the morning, like most chefs and culinary professionals, preparing for the long day ahead. With so many different types of chocolate and flavor combinations, there could be any number of things to prepare for the day’s creations.

Creating chocolate from scratch is a long, time-consuming process that involves tempering. Overall, there is no set schedule, no typical day, and no limit to what you can create in this rewarding career. Not everyone is cut out for the demanding lifestyle of chefs, restaurant owners, or chocolatiers, but for those passionate about cuisine, specializing as a chocolatier might be perfect for you. 

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