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The Major Who Helmed The Indian Surgical Strikes


The surgical strikes which were led across the LOC were very precise and systematic. But the Major who led the mission says that the returning after the strikes is the most difficult part and the constant firing from the enemy soldiers with the bullets so close that at any moment one can get shot.

The major speaks about the various aspects of surgical strikes in a new book which will be launched on the first anniversary of surgical strikes in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK). The officer is renamed as Major Mike Tango in the book namely “India’s Most Fearless: True Stories of Modern Military Heroes”.

In the surgical strikes, the Army had decided to send the soldiers of the units which had suffered the loss in the Uri attack. A Ghatak platoon was formed and soldiers from the Uri attack affected units were sent to man border posts and provide necessary terrain intelligence and provide sufficient support to the mission ahead.

The book clearly describes the details of the planning. Major Tango was entrusted to lead the mission to carry out the strikes. According to the book, he himself chose every man, including the officers and men who would play the supporting role. He was aware of the fact that the lives of 19 men are in his hands.

The thing which was bothering him the most was the return of de-induction. The backs of the soldiers would be facing the shower of bullets from the Pakistan Army posts. A total of 4 terror launch pads were operated by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan and protected by the Pakistan Army were selected.

About 40 terrorists and 2 Army men of Pakistan were killed at the 4 targets. The three separate teams had simultaneously hit 4 launch pads across the LoC. Their entry into the PoK was well timed and precise.

The book is written by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh and published by Penguin India, narrates 14 real stories of extraordinary courage, gives a glimpse into the kind of heroism India’s soldiers show in extreme and dangerous conditions.



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