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The Max Polyakov Animals Foundation is Gaining its Strength and Development Every Day

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The Disappointing Travel of Max Polyakov

Being an American of Russian descent and dreaming to discover the country of his roots, Max Polyakov took a trip to St. Petersburg in the Nineties. As he soon realized, it wasn’t the best time to visit Russia: after the collapse of the Soviet Union a range of problems emerged in the country. Political chaos, economic decrease, violent manifestations of nationalism – all this made a gloomy picture, leading almost to depression. The only comfort of Max Polyakov at that time was a kitten Murka, which he took back with himself to the US.

The Max Polyakov Animals Foundation is Gaining its Strength and Development Every Day 1

The Horizons Opened to Max Polyakov in Atlanta

After coming back to his home city Atlanta, Georgia, Max Polyakov noticed the changes it had overcome during the last years. Black neighbourhoods moved to the suburbs as the downtown rents increased. Atlanta, having one of the largest airports in the world and valuable cultural background, presented a wide range of opportunities, as it seemed. Still, Max Polyakov felt lost in this freedom and his kitten Murka appeared to be just a temporary distraction. Having tried different activities, he failed to find himself and turned out to be in a loose end.

The Moment of Inevitable Changes

The crisis always implies the change. And Max Polyakov really got into the heart of a personal crisis. It was spending time in the company of unsuccessful friends, dreaming about changes, but doing nothing for it. Playing cards, drinking and caring for Murka was all his occupation and his entertainment. Max Polyakov changed his flat and found himself in a poor district, surrounded by homeless dogs and cats, becoming his new soulmates.

Modest Beginning, Strong Progress

Max Polyakov’s Murka, a devoted animal friend, was constantly with him, though good and through bad. He felt grateful and wished to give the same conditions, as his beloved Murka had, to all those unlucky deserted animals, he got surrounded by. Max Polyakov gave them food and shelter, which he could afford from his IT specialist’s income. He made contact with grocers and butchers to provide more food. Still, as the quantity of the sheltered animals grew, he understood he couldn’t manage himself. Very soon he found associates and The Max Polyakov Animal Foundation, inspired by little Murka, started operating.

The foundation now is getting stronger from year to year: branch organizations appeared in Baltimore, Raleigh and Houston. Max Polyakov with his devoted Murka is always in the center of the foundation’s work and development.

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