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The Moon Really Made Up From Earth’s Core?


The earth’s moon should be called the ball of mysteries, it has infinite discoveries that we are yet to explore. The earth’s moon has been existing in this universe for decades now and yet it holds so many secrets that the human kind hasn’t been able to unfold

Scientists looked into the old Apollo seismic data and discovered new information about the moon’s core. Researchers have found that the moon’s core is similar to the core of  earth.

The Apollo seismic experiment tried to record the movements of the moon and monitor moon-quakes but this direct technique to access the moon’s activities  was limited and complicated and hence scientists had to find indirect approaches to get a clear picture of the moon’s core. These indirect approaches also included observing minute gravitational changes of the moon.

The moon is said to have a solid inner core and a liquid outer core, which is similar to the earth’s core. But unlike earth , the moon has a semi-liquid layer around the surface, the new research confirms this fact.

A recent study has been supporting the theory that the moon was formed after a large mass collided and smashed into the earth’s surface around 4 billion years ago, which created a cloud of debris that gradually came together to form what we today know as the moon.

Scientist’s studies have determined that the moon’s solid inner core is mostly iron and extents up to 240 kilometers from its center and the inner core is surrounded by a layer of fluids which stretches up to 90 kilometers and then a molten layer which stretches up to 150 kilometers.

The study is also determined to use seismic data to collect information about other universal bodies like Jupiter, Mars etc.


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