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The Most Bizarre Things Loved By The Indian Audience

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Find Out The Most Bizarre Things Loved By The Indian Audience

The Indian film industry has given us wonderful movies, shows, and songs and it has been one of the greatest source of entertainment for all the Indians.  But it is also true that the Bollywood industry has given us really bad shows and movies as well over the past few years and the bizarre part is people actually love it.

bizarre things loved by the Indian

Here are the most bizarre things loved by the Indian audience that are not even worth watching.

But Indian film industry doesn’t only consist of Bollywood but also Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and some other regional film industries which have incredible movies and shows but again there are some really tacky shows that are painful even to watch but are still watched, appreciated and loved by the majority of the Indian audience.

Daily Soaps

The Most Bizarre Things Loved By The Indian Audience 1

These are one of the most bizarre things loved by the Indian audience. Indian daily soaps are mostly filled with loud background music, unnecessary sound, and special effects, filters, extreme drama, and almost no content.

Almost all the shows have the same story but with some slight changes that don’t really make any difference. But there are even shows that took some unnatural or shall we say supernatural turns which are even more unpleasant watch because of really stupid storylines and poor graphics. And yet there are celebrities who actually compare these shows with the shows of the Hollywood film industry.

Bollywood Award Shows

The Most Bizarre Things Loved By The Indian Audience 2

Another one of the most bizarre things loved by the Indian audience is the Bollywood award shows which are not even award shows but more like functions where all the celebrities are just dancing for no reason at all. And the bizarre part is there is not only one award show but at least ten award shows that are held in a year but with different names and at times even at different countries with almost all the same categories as others.

These award-shows even have categories that don’t even make any sense and are completely irrelevant to the theme or the motive behind the award shows, like the most stylish couple award and yet are watched eagerly by the audiences and even appreciated.

Bollywood Dance in Chorus

The Most Bizarre Things Loved By The Indian Audience 3

We have often seen in movies that when the lead actor or actress starts dancing on a song even in the middle of the road apparently everyone around starts dancing, which is not a very strange thing at all. But all those people doing the steps as same as the actor and doing it perfectly is a little strange as all of them are assumed to be strangers and are not connected to the movie in any other way. But still, the audience goes crazy over such pumped up songs and often start dancing themselves.

Big Stars Not Content
The Most Bizarre Things Loved By The Indian Audience 4

Some movies with great content and story with no big star or item songs are often flopping while others with big stars even after having no good story are hit. This is because of people’s obsession with their favorite stars. People generally choose their favorite movie stars or actors on the basis of how handsome or good looking they but not because of how good of an actor he or she is.

It is now that some people are getting to know the real motive behind movies and are finally appreciating the good work of the Indian film industry but yet there is a majority of the audience who doesn’t care about content but the stars acting in it.

Upbeat Pop Songs

Songs often help us recover from serious mental or emotional issues like stress, depression etc. But these quality songs are not really appreciated much.

There are songs that people often find nasty and cheap to sing aloud in public. We often find songs that have almost no lyrics but just three lines repeating the same words again and again with upbeat music and sound effects.

But some songs even after having lyrics doesn’t make any sense at all and are often really unpleasant to the ears but are highly appreciated and loved by the Indian audiences because of the upbeat and the fact that those songs are good to dance to.


There are beautiful films and shows made in this genre in the Indian film industry. But then there are films filled with overacting, overuse of fake tears, unnecessary romantic songs and actors repeating the same dialogues among themselves which doesn’t really define the meaning of drama at all and yet is often well appreciated by the Indian audience.

Musers on Social Media

Talking about bizarre things loved by Indian audiences and not including this, cannot happen. Now that we have unlimited access to the internet and apps like musically and tiktok, now everybody is an actor. Really?

There are people who are actually mimicking famous dialogues and lip-syncing songs from famous movies with unnecessary special effects, uploading them on social media and calling it talent. And then there are people who are watching and even appreciating such things, following the so-called actors on social media and eventually making them celebrities. The Internet can be deceiving.





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