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The 15 Most Magical Moments Of Harry Potter

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19 years young and a fierce feminist.

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Harry Potter was a household name for many of us growing up. Whether we read about the glorious realm of Potterverse first in the books or watched the magic come to life on film, Harry Potter conjured for us a sorcery that went beyond the mere spells that the students of Hogwarts were schooled in.

Wondering What are the Best Harry Potter Moments?

Here are fifteen of the most magical moments that Harry Potter had to offer.

  1. Hagrid To The Rescue

Harry Potter started off as an orphaned child ill-treated by his guardians. Our hearts broke for poor Harry, till Hagrid came bearing news of his wizardry identity and whisked him off to a new life at Hogwarts. Remember that stormy night Hagrid burst in to where the Dursleys were staying? “Harry — yer a wizard,” he said and nothing was ever the same again.

2.  Hermione’s Friendship Won: The Start Of the Golden Trio

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Harry, Ron and Hermione met first in the train taking them to Hogwarts. It was not until they had battled a troll together that they became friends for good, and that was how the iconic trio came to be.

3. When Harry Looked Into The Mirror Of The Erised

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Image Courtesy: Pottermore

Harry Potter was too young when his parents died to really remember them,so his deepest desires when reflected in the Mirror,was to see them. A beautiful bittersweet moment, this was truly magical.

4. Harry and Ron’s Flight By Car

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Friends who do stupid things together stay together. Ron and Harry’s panic-induced flight to school was an act of bravado that landed them in trouble and it was hilarious. Harry Potter’s comic relief made the series as endearing as it was.

4.  When Harry Saved Ginny

Our favourite ship has roots going back a long way, and Harry’s grand rescue of Ginny from Tom Riddle’s clutches in the Chamber of Secrets is definitely one of our favourite Harry Potter moments.

5. Hermione’s Slapping Draco

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Image Courtesy: Twitter

Draco had picked on Hermione for her Muggle born roots from the beginning, but by Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione had had enough. She served Draco the tight slap he deserved,and we rooted!

6. Dobby Is A Free Elf!

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Image Courtesy: Pottermore

Dobby won hearts on introduction, so when a sock, artfully placed by Harry and mistakenly thrown his way by his employer set him free, our hearts rejoiced right along.

7. When Buckbeak (and Sirius) Flew Away To Freedom

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When the Golden Trio put to effect a plan to set free Buckbek-and Sirius on him, a long battle to avenge good against institutionalised law was inaugurated.

8. When Harry Blew Up His Aunt

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Image Courtesy: The Guardian

This was definitely one of the most hilarious sequences in Harry Potter and while we worried for Harry and the trouble he might get into, we couldn’t help believe it served his aunt right.

9. When Harry Entered The Triwizard Tournament

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Image Courtesy: Pottermore


The Triwizard Tournament made things interesting and while Harry’s name in the Goblet was only to stir trouble, his participation was pretty impressive. This was when events in Harry Potter got very exciting indeed.

10. When Hermione Emerged As The Belle Of The Yule Ball

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We were sick of Hermione being defeminised for being smart and we were thrilled to see her emerge looking like a million bucks on the arms of Viktor Krum in the Yule Ball of The Goblet of Fire.

11. The Formation of The Dumbledore’s Army

As the Dark Forces gained momentum, the youth came together to school themselves in the ways of resistance. This was an inspiring moment indeed.

12. When Harry Learned Of The Prophecy

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“Neither can live while the other survives.” Harry’ discovery of the prophecy was pivotal to the plot of the series.

13. Harry and Ginny’s First Kiss

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Image Courtesy: Binary Moon

Harry and Ginny cannot help be a favourite Harry Potter ship,so when things finally heated up between them we could not be happier!

14. Harry’s First Patronus

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Harry had to learn to defend himself against Dementors earlier than his peers, so when he finally cast a Patronus-a stag reminiscent of his father’s Animagus avatar,his victory had us rejoicing.

15. The Epilogue

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The happily ever after is something the main characters really deserved, and we felt that poetic justice had been served in the epilogue of our much loved Harry Potter series.

Which has been your favorite Harry Potter moment? Let us know below.

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