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The Must-Haves For Every Romantic Bibliophile.


Are you a bibliophile? Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you fall in love with the idea of love every time you read something that might be what you call “corny” and “lovey-dovey”? Well then darling this is the perfect place for you. Welcome to the extravagant and enchanting street of books that you need in your life. Lets take a look at at them, shall we?

The Night Circus

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The plot of this book revolves around Celia and Marco intertwined in an intriguing challenge and a mysterious circus which appears without any warning,notification or announcement and as the name of the book suggests the circus is active at night until the  break of the dawn. This book is a combination of magic, mystery, fantasy and obliviously romance.

My Heart And Other Black Holes

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We have all heard of dating websites, but have you have heard of “finding suicide partners ” websites? Aysel, a small town girl finds her suicide partner on this website, a boy named Roman. Eventually they start to fill each other’s empty and meaningless life. Will they decide to live together and explore the world or will they decide to end their lives ? Read and find out.

I’ll Give You The Sun

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This is not your typical “boy meets girl ” love story. The plot of this book revolves around Jude and Noah Sweetwine, who happen to be twins. The story of this book is an emotional roller-coaster and explores aspects such as sexuality, grief, sibling rivalry etc.

The Geography Of You And Me

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We are all so familiar with the concept of “long distance relationships” and “just friends”. Combine both of these concepts and voila! We have the geography of you and me.

The plot of this book revolves around Owen and Lucy and how they fall in love and then eventually part their ways but still decide to stay in touch with each other. Does their friendship or should i say “love” survive? Well why don’t you find it out yourself.


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She is the perfect girl next door and he is the handsome best friend. Alex and Rosie are childhood friends and neighbors. Somehow she ends up falling in love with him but things aren’t as easy as they seem. What makes things so complicated? I guess Cecelia Ahern will explain it to you much better then i ever will !

Me Before You

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Louisa Clark is on a job hunting mission and comes across a job as a caretaker for William Traynor who was once a successful banker and is now partially paralyzed . They are exact opposites of each other. Soon enough they fall in love and form a deep bond. Will Louisa be able to save William from himself and his inconsiderate decisions about life? This book will surely make you shed a few tears .


So The Next Time You Want To Feel Loved, Keep This Enchanting Collection In Your Mind.



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