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The Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls

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According to an old Native American legend, thirteen human skulls carved out of rock crystal exist and can answer the greatest mysteries of life. The legend claims that all these crystal skulls will be rediscovered and brought together for the knowledge they contain will be vital for our survival.


When was the crystal skill discovered? In the 1920’s, British explorer Frederick Mitchell-Hedges and his team were looking for the lost treasures of the civilisation of Atlantis. There they stumbled upon Lubaantun- the city of fallen stones. His adopted daughter Anna discovered the crystal skull. It was buried in one of the temple-pyramids. The Mayans who were helping in the excavation were overjoyed when they saw the skull. They started dancing around it, worshiping it.

Anna Mitchell Hedges.
Anna Mitchell-Hedges.

Ana and several others who have been in contact with the crystal skulls have reported paranormal experiences. Ana claimed that she felt protected by the skull. They are said to have telepathic and healing powers. People believe that one can access other levels of consciousness with the help of these crystal skulls. Some also believe that the crystal skulls enable souls to travel to parallel dimensions.

Scientists are sceptical and have tried to find out if the ‘ancientness’ of the crystal skulls is a myth. They couldn’t find it’s age as the age of crystal cannot be determined. The have tried to find traces of tool marks used to carve the skull. Hand tool markings would prove their ancientness while mechanical tools would do otherwise.

They have concluded that mechanical tools would cause the crystal to shatter into pieces. Hence, it must have been made by hand. Again, they have calculated that it would take several human generations to carve something so perfect out of crystal. They have not found any trace of tools on the skulls and many now believe that the crystal skull may not have a human origin. Some scientists claim that the skulls couldn’t have been made on Earth.

The Mayans and the Aztecs were more advanced than we are. They may have had used the crystal for things we cannot even think of.





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