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The 14 Ouija Board Rules: A Spirited Guide


Everyone of us has played with Ouija Board at some point in our life. But what are exactly ouija board rules? Let us take a detailed look at the talking boards Ouija.

An Ouija Board is a rectangular wooden palette consisting of all 26 alphabets and numbers from 0 to 9. On the top middle edge, it contains two options yes or no, and comes with a heart-shaped pointer.

The Ouija Board is used to call beings of the other world, spirits of the deceased person. It’s used for spirit communication through letters or mediums. Another name for Ouija Board is Planchette.

The Board is a very controversial item usually we don’t get it everywhere. But the curious ones are sure to find it, as it’s available in certain shops and online market. This board is termed as an object of fear and sensitivity.

If your searching for a complete guide to the Ouija Board rules then your at the  and sacorrect place, here I will not only cover the rules but also give a glimpse about the Ouija Board, it’s history and how to dispose it. As knowing the rules only will not help you. You need to know the complete of it.

History of The Ouija Board

The ouija board is a different form of communication dealing with automatic writing. Such boards are used over and again for centuries, although we don’t see it for sale in the open market.

It was first used back in 1100 AD, since then it appeared in countries like China, India, Greece, Rome and several other countries. Soon after the Civil War in North America, the board became famous in America to communicate with the souls of dead soldiers.

The first ever ouija board was created by Elijah Bond in the year 1890. Initially it served as parlour game for adults but after the World War I it turned as an associate to communicate with spirits.

The Ouija Board: An Overview

Before getting into the ouija board rules, lets take a brief look at the history of it.

The ouija board is considered as the tool of divination to call the good souls and bad souls. To know the ouija board rules in depth, first you need to have an overview of the board itself. Divination is process of communication to know the future or something through supernatural practices.

There are many such divination tools like pendulums, rods, crystal balls and tarot cards. But ouija board stands out among them in today’s world. Also, we see ghost investigators using modern technology like EMPF meters to detect spirits. So, we can say that ouija board is a medium used to reach out unseen energies.

Through the letters and numbers in the ouija board, we get to know what the spirit wants to convey us. During the early times, the investigators used this method to know the killer of the murdered person. Energy waves come from the spirit world to the present world to answer questions. But remember sometimes luck doesn’t support, it can be a bad spirit too.

The working of it totally depends upon how the person tackles it. Sometimes your inner beliefs and faith may be strong but you don’t know whether the other person is as same as you. This board opens the channel to different energies such as human spirits, loved one’s soul or a spirit guide. But all includes a darker part.

Things go out of control when you don’t know which energy to call. Anything can come and that’s where you get stuck. Although an ouija board comes with a rule book, it’s always recommended to atleast do more of online research before starting.

As we finish with the explaination and the history of ouija board in details, here below I have mentioned the rules to ouija board, a complete spirit guide. Read each rule carefully.

The Complete Rules and Guide to Ouija Board

1. Call a Group

You can play the ouija board alone but one of the top most rule to play is with a group or minimum one person with you. It’s always safe to play with a group specially during dark rainy night.

Two people is good enough. Do not enlarge your group, the more people the more chaos. Spirits might just get confused. All the members should maintain peace and be respectful. Make sure your group trust each other before starting.

2. Setting the Mood

Setting the mood .i.e. the surrounding is a very important rule of ouija board. Without proper arrangements the method is incomplete. Set the mood right by switching off the lights, darkening the room, closing all the windows and doors. Use candles and light incense to dim the room.

Using an ouija board is all about perfect timing. Sometimes the board may not respond at all. To avoid this, use it during peak hours like midnight or afternoon. Usually when the surrounding atmosphere is quiet. Avoid any kind of sounds either through music, television or from any person. The Planchette requires your whole focus and attention. No one should answer any call, interruption can lead to failure.

3. Taking a Seat

The original rules says to place the board between the knees of two individuals. It seems quite tough and hard to communicate like this. But in there is another way in exception to this.

You can place the board on a clear table or floor. The board should be placed in way visible to everyone and keep the fingers on the pointer. The members should surround the board as when the pointer moves fast, it’s difficult to read all at once. If you view the board upside down, the conveyed message might get disturbed.

4. Patience

The whole planchette is based on complete patience. Answers are not received right away, spirits take time to warm up. Moving the planchette several times will not give you faster answers. Sometimes a spirit take time to adjust and understand your question. Slow answers are not connected to the board. There are certain spirits which moves the board faster.

At times it moves slowly whereas other times it moves faster. All you need is patience and be calm through the process. Don’t give up easily, the spirit may not come at one go. But for the beginners, first try usually fails. Wait patiently or close the board and try again once more. Be determined about doing it.

5. Politeness

Once the spirit is summoned. If the spirit is highly communicative then try to be friendly and talk to it. Don’t confuse it with so many questions. This will encourage the spirit to cooperate with you frankly. Do not get angry or violent will only ruin the whole scenario.

6. Starting Simple

This is one of the most important ouija board rules. At first always start simple. Do not angry the spirit on asking long length questions like presenting a question paper to solve. Try to maintain a normal conversation.

Ask questions like, how many spirits are present?, Are you a good spirit? and What is your name? These questions have easy answers and will not take much time for your answers. Be more informal.

7. Be careful on your wish

This is probably the most important ouija board rules. Do not be careless wishing for your death. If you do not want an answer to a certain question, just don’t ask it. But remember questions on future will not give you correct answers. Since we humans can’t predict future similarly spirits too don’t know about future. And if they answer, know that they are just trying to scare you away.

Do not ask any kind of silly questions that is long or with no meaning. If you are asking for any physical signs then your calling for trouble. More importantly, spirits may not be able to follow up with you. As spirits differ some are fine with giving proofs. But it’s always safe to stay within the ouija board. Do not trust the board completely, if it says you’ll die in few minutes. Don’t just go away running on the streets, then it’s you who are full filling the spirit’s wish.

Icy Media

8. Picking a Medium

Choose one person to ask all the questions, keep it simple and hassle free. If all ask questions together then it will only create confusion. But, each player should get a chance, so ask questions turn by turn and let each access the medium .i.e. the board while asking questions. This is another important aspect in the ouija board rules.

9. Placing your fingers on planchette

Initially the pointer should be kept on the letter G to start. All players should slowly keep their middle fingers on the pointer kept on planchette. To warm up, slowly move the pointer all over the board concentrating on your questions. Do not stress your fingers over it, let loose of it. Otherwise the pointer won’t move. After warming up. Make sure everyone and all the questions are ready.

10. Developing an Open Ritual

A ritual can contain anything, either a prayer or a welcome. Greet the spirits as they come, be firm to let the board know that only positive energy is welcomed. Decorate the board with jewels or anything. Best is if you know who you’re calling then place their favorite thing near the board.

11. Asking a Question

Start simple and god deep through the process. If the spirit is a bad one then it’s better to close the board and resume later on. But if in return you get rude answers or vulgar actions, do not response the same way. When you are afraid, do not shout loudly or throw things, be calm and quit the game.

12. Concentrating

Each member should concentrate to get the best effective results. All should clear their minds of any thoughts focusing on the question.

Sit in a proper manner and play seriously with respect. If there’s someone laughing away and asking meaningless questions, then ask that person to leave the group. You must ask someone to be a writer to the answers. Sometimes lengthy answers are hard to memorize.

13. Observing

Sometimes it moves fast whereas other times it moves slow. And often it doesn’t moves at all. But if everyone is observable and focuses then the planchette will surely move.

Check that no player should dominate over the planchette. If the planchette moves depending on one player then start the game again. Everyone should put in equal efforts and weight on the pointer.

14. Closing the Board

If you see the planchette responding like four eights, counting weird from Z to A and from 9 to 0, end the game immediately moving it to goodbye. These responses indicate that the spirit isn’t comfortable and wants to escape. Remember, you must say goodbye to the spirits. They don’t like leaving suddenly. Let them know you want them to leave.

Let the medium state that it’s goodbye time and finish it by placing the pointer over the goodbye word. Now if you all had spend quality time with the spirit then after goodbye wait for the goodbye in return. Before closing the whole box, rub it properly freeing it of all dust and moisture.

This is one of the most important ouija board rules. Do not skip it!

Disposing off an Ouija Board

The main confusion here is, people don’t really have an idea on how to dispose off the ouija board and end the game. So it just gets passed over from families to families. It’s not that easy to throw the board in trash.

First, check properly whether the board is completely sealed. That is through goodbye or contacting a medium to close and seal it.

Once it sealed, break the board into seven pieces, splash it with holy water and bury it. It is not something which you can just throw away like that. Spirits can still wander. Also, do not burn the ouija board.


As we conclude here, an ouija board itself is harmless until used. When using it keep in mind that you are welcoming the unknown energies and the world consists of mixed up energies be it good or bad.

Hope these rules and guidelines will help you to know about the board better. These ouija board rules are well researched and you can work on it. Follow each rule and don’t miss out on anything. More important is your safety, if you feel any strange thing then stop playing and say good bye.

What are your thoughts on the ouija board rules? If you have some questions regarding it, you can ask your queries in the comment box below. also, do you know any more ouija board rules? If so, share them with us!

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