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Psychology Behind the Power of Words: 12 Amazing Points


The power of words is enormous, and there is deep psychology behind it. Words are not just mere sentences but something more than that. Each word carries a huge weight. And it leaves a profound impact on our lives. Few words can affect our mental and emotional stability.

In this article, we’ll discuss the power of words and the psychology behind it.

What is the Power of Words?

Words are the most potent weapons available to human beings. An individual can choose how to use it, either positively or negatively. Words possess an energy that can heal, help, hurt, or destroy.

A single word contains various hidden messages. It could leave us stunned for a moment or forever.

No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world. Unless someone stands against doubtful hearts, nothing can ever change. Human psychology is a complex study. It deals with emotions and mental conditions.

What is Human Psychology?

Human psychology deals with mind and behavior—the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, including thoughts and feelings. 

Some words can inspire a person or even destroy them. When a word is spoken aloud, it summons powers and meaning. Sometimes a college lecturer can be annoying since he may have never mastered the skill of words. At times a word’s magical power can earn trust.

Power can change a person either for good or bad. Society considers few words as taboo. For instance, few people pay attention to particular phrases based on their personalities. In simple terms, language rules the world. Words and psychology are directly proportional.

Words also play the part of the rules. For example, every citizen needs to follow laws by the Government. Such acts are engraved in human minds. And it plays with social psychology. We know that killing is a crime. So, people don’t kill following the law, except for killers who choose the kill willingly.

The speech by Martin Luther King is considered world famous. He demanded fairness, equality, and elimination of judgment in public schools and jobs. He used powerful words that acted as gravity. We all know him for the power of words.

A depressive patient seeks a psychologist’s help. Since influential words can heal a depressive person. Media plays a decisive role in using words. Often news creates such stories that leave a negative sentiment.

We must follow a few ethics while we talk. The other person should not get hurt as every school sets rules on how to use words. Words are abstract but used in shapes and sizes. The use of double standards leaves an adverse effect. Honesty is always the best policy. Honest words can change a person’s mood. It’s in the saying, Hurt me with truth rather than a lie.

A human is not only made of flesh and bones. But emotions, character, and unconscious mind. Words itself can kill a person’s soul. They are thus a powerful weapon. A person with no control over terms is just a fool.

Here below are a few points on the psychology behind the power of words.

The Psychology Behind the Power of Words

1. Power of Painful Words

Words can be painful. It can hurt very deeply. Just like an edged sword into the heart. Words are so powerful that you need a colossal sentence to impact someone’s life. A single word is enough to uphold negative emotions or hurt a person intensely.

Some people use manipulative words to win over a conversation. Manipulative words are hazardous. It instantly changes a person’s mind. We all have sad, bad words while in anger, pain, or sadness. The reaction takes place fast. And we end up hurting the other person with bad words.

These hurtful words remain with us forever. Our minds cannot forget a few words. It is out of our control. Using words is a popular communication method. They leave a profound mark on our hurts. Few people write down letters before suicide. As the message is read, each word pricks your heart. Since we know the person is not alive.

Why some breakups hurt the most? Because relationships end upon one word. When you lie often, a sense of guilt will always work in you.

2. Power of Heartwarming Words

Sweet words can brighten your day. The power of words can be sweet. It offers us pleasure, happiness, kindness, and love. Pure gratitude earns respect. Caring words are beneficial to a lonely person.

We use many nice words to describe friendship, love, beauty, and solidarity. Various places can be described using lovable words. Lovely words heal an aching heart. Humans are useless without words. There is beauty in expressing inner emotions through words.

The power of sweet words is one the best. Humans are more attracted to kindness than rudeness.

3. Power of Empty Words

Few people can speak without a word. Some people keep on talking without a stop. They don’t bother whether we are listening or not. After they finish, the listener remains confused as to what they spoke. Continuous speaking creates a problem.

One needs to always stop in between. This helps in better understanding. When people use this power, listeners mostly feel angry, tired, sad, and powerless. They feel the person with power has no sense of mind or actions. Sadness arises as they being a part of society cannot resist it. And they feel powerless due to the absence of mutual understanding.

4. Power of Untruthful Words

The power of untruthful words gives a huge slap to us. They make us believe in something which isn’t true. Such words feel very genuine. But they aren’t real. It is used to capture people’s attention.

Some people also use it to fit into society. These untruthful words are filled with lies. You can grab a person’s attention, but not all the time. It is said, lies when told in written language have more faithfulness. And the ones said in sign language are less believed.

5. Words Predict Behaviour

Words are like tools to change our emotional state. And we use words to express our sentiments. Many Behavior Specialists studied on this subject. Studies say people’s words serve as behavioral and mental state predictor.

The word myself contains honesty from a person who speaks about them. We can analyze their choice of words. And the inner meaning behind their words.

Dr. Jack Schafer, a former FBI Analyst, once explained a few words that could predict behavioral characteristics from words or speech. These are word clues. Such clues help to predict a person’s behavior on how they choose words to read or speak.

Words can speak volumes about your character. Be wise when you choose them; mind your thoughts. With every person, you form an impression of yourself. If you wish to know a person more, listen to their words carefully.

Icy Tales

6. Philosophy of Words

We know how words can describe us. And affect us on an emotional level. But do we understand why words matter?

Words are inspirations and life changers. One word breaks a person’s inner chains. It frees you from a stressful mind. Words transform dreams into reality. It offers life to those hidden and isolated.

Words allow our minds to be innovative, creative, and smart. Otherwise, these would remain hidden in our chaotic minds. We all encountered such a thing. Where we feel outrageous and determined, but no courage at all.

The gate towards success seems so close, shining away. You need to unlock it. But you never search the key. Until sense prickles, your mind and you know the meaning of life. Golden opportunities come through words. Words give you a chance and hope.

A simple inspirational speech can change you. It can make your life different. Many counselors have the power to change a soul through words.

7. Words and Water

During the 1990s, Japanese Scientist Masura Emoto conducted few experiments to prove words have power. Pure water in a frozen state forms beautiful crystals like snow under a microscope. Polluted water freezes without forming into crystals.

Emoto named these two experiments as positive and negative. The positive ones create fascinating crystals. While the negative one form no crystals. Positive words are I love you or sweet. Negative words are hate or bad.

These experiments prove words have the power to change an object’s physical structure. Water helps to demonstrate the ability of words. Such tests are detailed in the book, The Hidden Messages in Water.

8. Power of Gratitude

A separate experiment was conducted. Two cups of cooked rice were kept in two different jars. One jar is labeled as ‘Thank You’ and the other as ‘You Fool.’ Both were kept inside a classroom.

Students were asked to speak words following the labels. After a few days, the rice jar with You Fools turned black and spoilt. Another jar that was greeted turned white and fluffy.

This proves the power of words can change a person’s mood—the use of hateful leaves a profound impact. Always use the power of gratitude.

9. Thrown Away Words

Many times we just throw out words like, hate you, and stupid. We are unknown that these words bring negative vibes. And impacts us on a physical level. These thrown words hurt a person like edged. Negative words are powerful enough to kill a person.

Do you know? Vibration travels faster in water than in the open air. Our body holds 70% water. You feel how our body resonates through negative words. Due to such reactions, we even throw things out of anger. And we end up using bad words. Such is the power of words.

10. Repetition of Words

Some people use negative words again and again. They make it a habit. Fact is the more we read, speak, or listen; the more we let terms control us. But in reality, we cannot avoid words. It’s there in every aspect of our lives. Our brain uses repetitive words to search for patterns. And make sense around us.

After being burnt in a fire numerous times, we feel the fire is always hot. Whenever you love a song, it’s lyrics remain in your head. Even when you try, the melody isn’t out of your head.

11. Illusion of Truth

There is a phenomenon in words called Illusion of Truth. It proves that any word which we hear, read, or speak daily has more effect. But words that are exposed rarely has no impact on us. We tend to forget it soon.

We don’t care whether it’s true or false, but we believe it. The important part is how much we are exposed to it. A repeated weak message is more valid than a strong message heard once. One single repetition can change your mind.

Repetition increases our mind’s stability when exposed. We should be conscious of words. Or else worlds will defeat the truth. Many times we have abused ourselves, but later realized it was false.

12. Words build Present and Future

Have you come across someone with low confidence? Whose confidence turned low out of careless words from people. Words can turn down our confidence level. It can change our choice of passion.

Low esteemed people feel cursed. They live in a world created by someone’s words. Words are blessings too. When you bless someone, you gift them a new life—a world with blissful words, encouragement, and motivation.

The power of words builds our present and future. Use it to create a good future. Do not destroy it.

None of the words in our mother earth should be used negatively. You cannot judge someone on religion, gender, insult, and lies. These are shameful. Words are beautiful, like love, poetry, soul, and positivity. But it has a darker side also. Several people use the darker side to win the world.

Such people use their words as weapons. They attack through words, enough for permanent damage. Whether we enjoy or exercise the power of words, it lies within us.

These 12 instances are sure to help you. Use your words wisely. And never harm the other person’s psychology.


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