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The Rise of Love Dolls: What Makes them Popular?

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Love dolls are becoming more popular than ever. The demand for them has shot up significantly, especially during the long months of COVID lockdown.

Additionally, single men are not the only ones preferring love dolls over humans. The list of customers includes married couples, people with disabilities, and even parents of adult children.

However, why are so many people interested in love dolls? What makes them so popular?

Let’s explore more!

A Cure for Loneliness

Loneliness is the evil of the modern world. We are highly connected today, but our hearts are miles apart. As a result, a large chunk of the global population suffers from loneliness and isolation.

COVID-19 fueled the loneliness present in people with months of lockdown. We weren’t able to meet anyone or even get intimate.

As a result, the need for human touch and physical closeness became more prominent. People started looking for alternatives and stumbled upon love dolls.

Currently, the stigma around love dolls is fading as more people accept the concept. They are also becoming more popular as companions and a part of our lives.

No Betrayals or Cheating

Humans are known to betray each other. Many beautiful relationships come to an end only because we decide to cheat or dump our partners for others.

This is the reason many people never want to date a human again. They are afraid to trust as bad experiences have taught them to be.

Fortunately, love dolls don’t have the ability to think or feel. Therefore, they are also incapable of betraying others or hurting someone’s feelings.

Take the story of 62-years-old Senji Nakajima. He prefers his love doll over real women and feels women are heartless. It’s why he chooses to spend all his time romanticizing with his doll. That’s not all; Nakajima can’t even dream of cheating on his doll!

Easy Access to Partner

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a partner for them. The issue is more applicable to people with disabilities or conditions such as social anxiety. Such people do not get the confidence or are physically unable to meet or find a partner.

Love dolls can come to the rescue and eliminate isolation from their life. The dolls can provide a way for a person to express their romantic feelings or even relieve sexual urges.

As a result, love dolls can provide relief and reduce feelings of isolation in specific populations. It can lead them to live a happy and better life without dismay or depressive thoughts.

No Whims or Demands

A human partner will have demands and expectations. Relationships turn sour when someone is not able to meet the expectations of their lover. Additionally, regular quarrels and disturbance are part of the parcel.

Love dolls are lifeless and cannot think. They don’t have any preferences or expectations from anyone.

Moreover, love dolls never say “no” when you want to get intimate. You can also experiment and fulfill all your fantasies without hurting or upsetting your love doll.

Therefore, life may be more simple and more fun with a doll instead of a human. Many people don’t like turmoil and prefer to lead a peaceful life.

Love dolls can be their ideal companions. Even couples can try love dolls to spice up their sex life and try something different.

Final Thoughts

Love dolls are becoming more mainstream with each passing day. From the USA to Japan, more people are considering spending time with a love doll. Whether it’s loneliness or the inability to find a partner, the reasons for buying a doll are many. We can look forward to a future where love dolls are part of families and provide an alternative to human intimacy.


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