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The Rise Of Online Casinos In India

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Have you ever wanted to try your luck at online gaming and casinos?

Online gaming and casinos have become one of the most rapidly growing industries ever since the internet boom in the country and there can not be a better time to start gaming. A lot of factors have contributed to this unprecedented rise in online casinos, and the numbers punched in every year as more and more Indians have started finding trustworthy sources to gamble and have some legal fun.

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If you have been uncertain about where to start or what to expect, here’s all you need to know.

Teen Patti: The King Of Games In Online Casinos

Teen Patti, the star of every online casino in India enjoys immense popularity and the highest revenue generator of all online games beating even PubG in the number of downloads. It is a simple card game with movies and popular celebrities associated with it in India. 

The game, along with Rummy, and Poker has its root in Indian culture and has been one of the favorite games to play with family and friends over a couple of drinks and snacks. All it requires is a strong combination of three cards and a whole lot of luck to win, the bigger the table, the larger the win.

The popularity has transcended and multiplied online with attractive innovations, the convenience of transactions, as well as multiple player options.

Teen Patti, on its own, is expected to see a 20% surge in players and downloaders in the coming years.

Rise and Future of Online Casinos In India

The growth of online casinos and i-Gaming in India has been exponential and has become an industry worth INR 62 Billion. The fundamentals behind the accelerated growth are the massive scope that needed to be exploited and the conducive conditions of India.

India has a massive population that includes young minds filled with zest to play and wise minds wanting to earn some cash while having fun. People are still catching up with the rapid growth of the internet in the country and are still exploring the miracles of the internet. 

This, along with the boost in technology and even the surge in unemployment rates have paved for an exponential rise that can be further expected of the industry. Online casinos in India have the potential to multiply their revenues as much as four times in a single decade and become an INR 250 Billion industry by 2030.

Despite the accelerated rise in the online casinos and the amounts invested in the same, the laws binding these transactions together remain indeterminate and with a lot of loopholes. This has encouraged an excess of conmen online to open up platforms that claim to be completely legal and legitimate but are actually blurring the lines between the ones you can trust and the ones you should not.

Verify the website that you are opting for, for standard certifications issued by the Government, and do not just fall for the claims of being ‘100% legitimate’ and ‘instant cash out’ platforms. There are websites that list licensed online casinos that operate in India to make your choice easier.

Reap the benefits of the upsurge of one of the fastest-growing markets in India and have some fun on the way.

  • Written by Harshita Khemani

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