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The Secret Ingredient to Business Success: Improved Customer Communication

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For business owners, fostering successful communication between your company and its customers is critical in gaining their loyalty. You want brand loyalty because it leads to increased sales and profits, more referrals, and it ultimately can make or break your business.

According to Microsoft’s Global Customer Service Report, 96 percent of people say that customer service is a critical component in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Additionally, companies with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that don’t place as much importance on customer experience.

To create the best possible experience for your customers, you have to be able to listen and act on their wants and needs. Follow along as we break down the most effective steps for businesses to implement when establishing great customer service.

Personalize Customer Service

When strategizing about how to improve their customer service, large businesses should try to create a customer experience that is uniquely tailored to each prospect or client’s needs. But how can enterprising companies possibly achieve this with their larger customer demand? The answer lies in call center software accessible in an all-in-one cloud platform.

These types of solutions offer automated and live inbound and outbound communications across voice, SMS, email, chat, social and mobile interactions that give your customers the type of elevated, personalized interaction they’re looking for.

For instance, automatic call distribution is a component of call center software that assigns incoming calls and other inbound multichannel types to an agent based on real-time statistics, agent skill requirements and other criteria. Integrated solutions like this now give larger corporations the flexibility and agility to serve their customer bases effectively and individual attention.

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Reduce Wait Times

If you want to improve customer communication, you have to treat your clients how any of us want to be treated, like our time is valuable. Don’t leave customers waiting to get their needs met. With the rapid advances in customer self-service tools, people today expect real-time responsiveness.

Leading research shows that when surveyed, over 60 percent of customers would hang up if placed on hold for even one minute, which translates to a negative brand impression for your company if that happens. Look to deploy solutions that eliminate or largely reduce long wait times by adding wait-time and queue position notification, queue optimization and scheduled call back for inbound calls as well as offering robust omnichannel options.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

It’s a forgone conclusion that will all of our technological capabilities, customers expect brands to be accessible to them across multiple touchpoints, including email, voice, SMS messaging, social and more. If you want your organization to rise above competitors when it comes to customer communication, then adding in omnichannel solutions is a must. Omnichannel can offer deeply personalized customer experience as well as a chance to satisfy costumers’ needs for a seamless communication interaction no matter which channel they reach out to your business through.

Customer Communication in the Cloud

For businesses to thrive in 2020, they need to place more emphasis on personalization within their communication strategies, enhancing the customer’s experience and, in turn, driving brand loyalty. By migrating to cloud-based software solutions, organizations can offer their customer base more reliable service, faster response times and access to knowledgeable support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These are the elements that lead to high-quality customer service and growth for your business.


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