The Starters -5 Books for People Who Have Just Started Reading


Reading is such a beautiful experience. I believe, anyone who doesn’t read is losing one of the finest experiences of life. If you don’t read already but want to get started on this beautiful journey then here is a list of books that we call: The Starters. 5 books for people who have just started reading. Happy reading to you!

“A room without books is a life without a soul”

-Marcus Tullius Cicero


Books can be called man’s best friend as they always help us in the journey of life in some way or the other. Books reduce stress and beautifully transports us to another world and distract us from the present moment.

Books are like therapists. So, rather than spending a huge amount of money on a therapist why not read a book instead.

These five books are for people who have just started reading…

1. Ruskin Bond: A Season Of Ghost

Ruskin Bond is my personal favorite. He is one of those writers who can make you fall in love with books. His writing will inspire you to read more as his books are so addictive. His books are perfect for people who are recently bit by the reading bug. His writing is relatable, easy to understand, and interesting.

Out of his exquisite collection of books, A season of ghost is perfect for new readers. It leaves the reader with a feeling of delight. This book is mixed with humor, wittiness with a dash of spookiness. We all want a little of all of that in our lives, right?


2.Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl

Reading Anne Frank will be a learning experience for the readers. Readers will get to know the horror behind World War II and how the lives of innocent people were affected. You will learn scary facts about Holocaust, facts that you never learned in school.

The book is very relatable especially for students as the book has meaningful instances about growing up and the lessons we learned through that journey.

Discovered in the attic in which she spent the last years of her life .” Anne Frank’s diary has since become a classic and a powerful document of the horrors of war and the unbreakable human spirit.”

Reading Anne Frank is like watching a movie; it is a truly remarkable book.


3.Gerald Durrell: My Family and Other Animals

Now, this book is one of its kind. A comedy with a good take on a science fiction genre.

Gerald is a great storyteller, you will get lost in his world which is an amazing mix of humans, animals, birds, and plant life. Each and every character in the book is brilliantly depicted. You will fall in love with every single chapter of this book.

My Family and other animals is a humorous autobiographical account of the author’s early years, which were spent in Corfu in the 1930s with his family.


4.RK Narayan: Grandmother’s Tale

This book will remind you of your grandmother and will take you down through your memory lane, back to childhood.

The story is narrated by his grandmother. The book is surrounded around the adventures of her mother and how she crosses the subcontinent to take her husband away from the hands of his new wife.

The book is a take on Indian orthodox household and Indian culture and is filled with interesting characters.

This is a perfect book for new readers as it is easy to read and has a simple construction.


5. Shubhadra  Sen Gupta: Let’s Go Time Travelling

Now, this book is a must-have for not only the new readers but for everybody, be it a child or an adult this book is a brilliant piece of art.

This book will take you through a journey in the past, introduce you to kings and queens and civilizations like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro in a quirky style. Apart from that, the book is also filled with trivia and interesting facts about Indian Culture.

From Food to fashion, art and craft to entertainment this book gives funny and amazing information that no school textbook ever will.

This is a perfect tea time book.


So go ahead, grab one of these books now and go on a mentally stimulating journey. As they say about love, these books will take you to places you have never thought existed!


By – Priyanka Bhoj


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“Life is a voyage” is the saying I live by. Passionate about traveling, writing, and books. I have been writing articles for the last five years on various topics like food, travel, books, self-help, and inspiration. My articles are simple and informative, something you can read with a cup of coffee at the end of the day.

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