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The Thing About Cycling


It is early morning in the month of January. The road ahead is almost clouded with fog. Weather is so much cold that every breath you let out is turning into white smog. Sun is yet to wake up from it’s sleep.  You, on the other hand is piercing the streets with your cycle, with at most joy and enthusiasm.  You feel like flying with your cycle, making quick turns, crossing bumpy stretches, crouching the low tree branches, letting the fresh morning air hit your face.

How many of you feel like above while doing cycling?


How many of you want to feel so if in case you are not fond of cycling?

For many of us, routine exercise regime seems like hell of an effort. Few of us even prefer to workout from home using modern aerobic equipments. That too exists only for a week or two after which 90% of us will drop the plans and have a sound sleep. The most daunting thing about doing exercise or working out is the fear of not getting what we expect. All health magazines, fitness freaks, articles regarding exercises only play the role of pointing out the ill effects of irregular workouts and lack of dedication. I think this is the major reason most people are afraid to even start at some point.

  • Cycling- The Best Substitute For All Other Workouts

Once we complete our schooling, the first thing we do is sell our cycles for second hand. The very purpose of having cycle is being least concerned as we grow up.  It’s important to have cycles in every house regardless of the number of motor vehicles we have, age of people in the house, profession etc. Though not to maintain a healthy physique, cycles are needed for so many other reasons.

  • It’s Not What You Think It Is!

Believe me, once you get used to ride cycle, it will become a whole lot of fun and entertainment. You don’t need to be a pro, you don’t have to have sports cycle. All you need is the desire to go cycling. Taking cycle to nearby places from home, to meet friends, to hangout will help us make cycling an inevitable habit. Besides the fun part, there are scientifically proved health benefits for cycling.

  • Health Benefits

 A documentary titled ‘Truth about Exercise’ created by BBC reveals that doing intensive workouts not only burns the already settled calories from our bodies, but also reduces the settlement of  fat and cholesterol in our blood stream in future. I.e) If you go cycling today, your body will resist fat from the food you take tomorrow.

  • Being a Waitress is a Healthier Profession Than Being an Engineer!

Another shocking information about our day to day life style is that, the percentage activeness we show in a day have a greater impact in our health and metabolic systems. A person is not recommended to sit more than a certain period of time in a single place. A research conducted among three individuals (Business man, Software Engineer, A waitress) shows us that, the more healthier profession is being a Waitress as it requires being on foot for almost whole day.

Preferring cycle over motor vehicles will reduce the amount of time we sit in a single place without any actions.It will also help us reduce maintenance cost for our vehicles and promotes the usage of public transportation.  

  • How To Begin And Get Through?

 1. Ask your family members or any within your friends circle if anyone is willing to join you with cycling. A co-workout partner can give us much hope and enjoyment.

 2. Surf the net and catch up the cycling events in and around your city or town. Visit www.meetup.com to check the cycling groups near your residence.

3. Look for availability of second hand sports cycles or any roadsters suitable for cycling. You don’t have to spend much amount to buy brand new cycle and other appliances. To kick start, all you need is a perfectly running cycle.

 4. Make plans and create maps. Visit one spot around your neighborhood everyday that you yourself was not aware of. Go cycling in early morning and late evenings if you are doing it for reducing weight.

 5. Do not stop unless it becomes impossible to continue anymore.

  • Stop Thinking- Go Cycling!


Every time we tend to do something useful, our crooked conscience will try to find any reason or excuses to ignore the effort. You may have exams coming, might have slept late the last night, might not have proper shoes, your cycle may be repair, you may be hesitant to cold or whatever it is you think is going to stop you from going cycling the tomorrow, throw them away. Break the myth that cycling is only for kids. Even though it is, there is no harm in becoming a kid once in a day. Stop thinking too much, go cycling, explore the world, have fun.



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