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The Tools You Need for Your PC

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Operating systems have come a long way, yet we still need additional tools for PC. It’s probably a good idea not to overload your PC with everything under the sun, but there are some programs and utilities that just make computing easier.

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You can start out with some type of software’s sweet like something from the pc app store on soft famous. You could also take advantage of tools from a specific vendor like Google or Microsoft. What most people do is take the best of each vendor according to their specific needs.

Your Windows PC will come with Edge, which is actually a pretty good browser, even though, many people confuse it with Internet Explorer. You will still need to have more than one browser. Whether you are checking a website and your cash isn’t cleared yet or you just want to take advantage of certain add-ons installing Chrome and Firefox will make your Internet experience easier.

Virus protection is kind of like modern medicine, you really need to make sure that the reward outweighs the risk. In the old days, certain programs like Norton or McAfee could really slow down a system. Things are better now. Your Windows PC will also come with Windows Defender. Which may be good enough for your needs. Other crowd favorites include AVG antivirus and Malwarebytes.

Sometimes it’s useful to run the free trial version periodically and then turn it off. There are quite a few other tools that can be helpful when it comes to the performance of your PC. Performance tools that do things like clean up your computer and help it run faster can be useful after a while. You could also run good old scandisk or defrag your hard drive. Although, these procedures are becoming less and less necessary.

There are also utilities that can do things like recover files and clean your registry. You probably don’t want to install all of this stuff at the same time unless there is a specific suite that you are fond of. These can be installed and uninstalled on an as-needed basis. Just be careful and make sure what you are installing is a legitimate program that won’t do more damage than good.

If you are into security, and you should be, something like LastPass or the popular DashLane can help you create and use secure encrypted passwords that you won’t have to remember. Too many of us make the mistake of reusing the same passwords over and over.

Everyone needs an office suite and an email software. Popular choices are Google Docs and Gmail or Microsoft office and Outlook. Many of us go with both. You will also need photo editing software. Having a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud will meet all of your needs when it comes to any type of design. You can also use a less expensive or even free software like Gimp or Paint.

You will also want audio and video software. Fortunately, Windows usually comes with Windows Movie Player and Groove Music Player. You can also install iTunes. You really don’t have to worry if you have everything installed that you need, because as you go you will find new software that you can install and use.

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