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The Top 5 Health Tips for Men

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There are numerous things we can do to improve our wellbeing however which five activities will have the greatest effect? 

It is not an easy question to reply as it’s impossible to do a controlled trial comparing different activities. 

So, here they are: 

  • Take care of their relationships and wellbeing
  • Not smoke 
  • Drink reasonably 
  • Be active and sporty 
  • Watch their weight 

The Top 5 Health Tips for Men 1

Why these five? 

Men are less likely to lead a healthy way of life. They are bound to smoke, drink alcohol at risky levels, and be overweight or obese. These ways of life can lead to genuine illnesses, for example, malignancy, heart infections and strokes, the dangers of which can be diminished by driving a solid way of life. 

Men are more likely than women to smoke, smoke more cigarettes every day and smoke hand-rolled tobacco. (22% of men revealed smoking contrasted with 17% of ladies.) 

Men are more likely than ladies to drink alcohol and drink at unsafe levels. (14% of men reported drinking alcohol mixed with sildenafil online at least five days in seven days contrasted with 9% of ladies.) 

  • 67% of men are overweight or obese
  • Men are more likely than woman to eat a lot of salt, red meat and processed meat 
  • Men are more likely than women to eat too little fruits and veggies. 
  • 67% of men reported they met the administration proposals for physical action 

Participation in activity among men declines with age. (83% of men aged 16-24 met the proposals for physical action, contrasted and 57% matured 65-74.) 

What’s the outcome? 

One of five men die before the age of 65. That is 20% of men who won’t reach retirement age. 

The biggest single cause of death in men is cancer. Men have a 37% higher risk of dying from cancer and a 67% higher possibility of dying from diseases affect both men and women

75% of premature losses from coronary heart disease are male

We can say exactly what causes what but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the biggest single thing we can do to prevent serious diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Men who have unhealthy ways of life are bound to: 

  • Suffer from mental health issues 
  • Be in danger from a heart attack
  • Use tadalafil online
  • Be at risk of two or more health factors
  • Suffer from diabetes, chronic liver disease and cancer 

It’s costly as well. ASH estimates that the total cost of smoking to society is roughly £12.9 billion every year. Obesity is estimated to cost £27 billion every year. 

Some other counsel? 

  • Get counsel and help when you think there may be an issue – it’s your right, you’re not burning through the wellbeing expert’s time 
  • Go up to your NHS Health Check and get some answers concerning screening that may be valuable to you (despite the fact that it’s your choice) 
  • Backing your mates and associates with their psychological and physical wellbeing – consistently pay attention to it.

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