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The Top 7 Reasons Being Bad is Better

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According to one theory, only one could survive – either the Neanderthals or the Homo sapiens. Both fought for survival, killed and over-lived the other. Guess who the winner was! If we hadn’t killed them to get their share of food (note, they were not killed in a food chain as ‘food’), we, as we know us today, would have ceased to exist. Killing, then, does not look that bad here.

What is bad and what is good is relative. Often, they are encoded in religious texts and values. On a large scale, I assume that they will all be the same – that is what a secularist believes; only the levels will vary based on geography, history, and point of view. Anyway, one thing that we all have in common is that – we are all expected to be good. At the same time, we are good at a few bad things.

Most of the time, we are aware of their badness. Then why do we still do them? Because it’s funnier, it’s easier, and it’s Megamind-ier!

The Top 7 Reasons You May Just Want to be the Bad Guy

Here are some pros of being BAD!!

1. Do the bad things:

Well, this is obvious. The best part is we can actually do the bad things. After all, who doesn’t want a little mischief and fun as long as nobody is hurt?

2. Free from expectations

We all carry a burden of expectations imposed on us by our ‘well-wishers.’ Being bad and not meeting the expectations hurt them very much at the beginning, and then, not so much. Though they will be upset, they give up on you, freeing you from the pressure of expectations.

3. Very few are frustrated

Once you get tagged as the ‘bad guy,’ it does not surprise people when they find out that you were involved in a mishap. Gradually, they learn to get along with you and find a way to not get in your way as much as possible. And boy! That gives you so much space!

4. People Acknowledge Your Intelligence

No matter what myth you believe in, you have characters you feel wowed by. Many Greek Gods weren’t really good.

We also have characters on television and comics who aren’t exactly good. It’s why we have the Joker. Or a movie like Suicide Squad.

5. More Fame

The fame of villains is more stable than the fame and love for heroes. Raise your hand if you know Hitler. Now raise your hand if you remember Michael Collins, the astronaut who flew the ship while Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon.

If you were good and then did a tiny little bad or just stopped doing good, you are done! Critics will soon surround you. But for the bad, even if you stop being bad and actually do good, your fame does not go away. It makes me wonder, are bad people more loyal, more grateful?

6. It’s A Little Easier to be Sexier

I don’t know how true it is that being bad makes you sexier, but I bet you have heard people say, “Why does a good girl always fall for the bad guy?” I can, kind of, relate to it! My personal experience says that bad men are more confident and, thus, sexier.

7. You Can Throw Dirt on Others

If I am bad and I hang out with bad people in bad places, I am very likely to encounter a ‘good’ person with their one particular vice somewhere. Else, I will somehow be aware of other bad things which go around. Now, this gives me little dirt on a lot of people preventing them from speaking against me. Cool, eh?

All these sound valid. But somehow, you are yet not convinced to be bad. Why? Why is it that despite all the advantages of being bad, we choose to (or, at least, think of choosing) goodness over badness? Simple. It is difficult to be bad. Because to be bad and only bad, you will actually have to do bad deeds. And bad deeds may hurt people. Well, that does not sound humane.

So, all enthusiasm in the gutter!!

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