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The Top 7 Tips to Learning French Online


You have taken the decision to learn French online, and that is an excellent initiative. Knowing French can give you an edge in today’s job market. You need to look for the best online French course to help you get started.

If you are looking for the best program to learn French, the following tips will help you master the language online.

  1. Do not rush

You will find many French language courses online. The Internet gives you access to a large number of course materials at once, and it can be tempting to go through them at a fast pace. However, you should approach it one step at a time so that you are not overwhelmed. Do not try to memorize grammar rules and hard words if you are a beginner. Take a look at resources like here to know how you can get started.

Start easy and learn the vocabulary that will teach you the basics of a conversation in French. You can tackle the more difficult topics once you have become accustomed to the language and its ways. The common words and phrases are all you need to focus on initially.

  1. Rote learning is not the solution

When you are looking at a french learning course online, ensure you find a course that is adaptive to your needs.

If you try to just remember new words and rules without understanding the context of its usage, you will end up forgetting them. You need to make connections when you are studying so that you can recall the relevant information later on using association.

Notice how the words are being used in a whole sentence so that you can recall its meaning later on. Place the new words against what you already know and try to create sentences by yourself.

  1. Pay careful attention to the audio

If you want to be able to speak French after the course is over, you should spend time listening to the audio content available. This will help you practice how French is to be spoken and accustom you to understanding French when it is being spoken. Saying the words and phrases out loud will help you build powerful connections. Knowing the proper pronunciations will help you spell and remember words much faster.

  1. Do not give up your momentum

Making the effort to study a new language from scratch can be taxing, and there will be times that you feel like taking a break because you will not have peers and professors to motivate you. However, this will only set you back because you will lose the progress you have time. Fight the frustration with dedication and hard work even after the novelty of learning French has faded. Recall why you started the lessons in the first place and dwell on your goals so that you get reinvigorated.

  1. Practice is everything

When you learn a foreign language, you stand the chance of forgetting it soon unless you put it into use. The brain will deem the information irrelevant if you do not use the words and phrases you have learned. Use the new vocabulary as frequently as possible. Online courses can limit your access to peers, but you can get in touch with them through forums and practise your French skills.

Stand in front of the mirror and make your own sentences using the new words you have learned. Using the grammar structures will help establish the patterns firmly in your brain. Keep revising old words so that you do not lose touch.

  1. Repeat everything you have learned

Learning a language requires frequent repetitions. While it is important to learn new words and structures, it is even more crucial that you jog your memory and review what you already know. If you want to be confident in French, you need to revisit words, pay attention to the spellings, and memorize them over time. Flashcards are a great tool to increase your familiarity with words.

  1. Consistency is valuable

Brushing up on your French skills every day for 15 to 20 minutes will give you better results than watching numerous tutorials at a stretch on the weekend. It should become a part of your routine.

Best of luck.


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