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The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide

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The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide 1

Joining a club fitness is just like buying yourself a new car. You are putting in your money and you need to learn driving as well. Same as your body, you join a club fitness and you need to know what kind of exercise you gotta do. But what’s different here is you don’t have any insurance so, you need your precautions and some ways to ensure that you’re planning to invest your money in the right fitness club. Here are some things to keep in mind before joining a club fitness-

  • Spirit to have the best body of all.

The most precious thing you could ever have to join a fitness club is your determination and passion to keep your body healthy and flexible. Confidence to accept your physique as well as bringing it back again to best of its shape , attractive and lean is required. Hence I keep this thing at the top of this list.

  • The Club Fitness Location

The location of the fitness club is really important. It should be at a safe place and at an appropriate distance from the home so that you can walk or cycle and reach the gym without any hussle and tussle with some light warm-up. Of course, this pointer doesn’t matter if you have a plan to gym around your crush’s place and wave at them daily.

  • Trainer’s Experience

The person whom you are depending upon for shaping your body should have experience in workouts. They should be trained to make sure that you’re doing the correct schedule according to your body physique and what you want from the workouts. You don’t want them telling you to do dumbbell press when you want to reduce your thigh fat.

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  • Cleanliness

General cleanliness is also a requirement for a public place like a fitness club. So you need to check the cleanliness factor first. Make sure that the showers and equipment are well sanitized and the floors are cleaned properly every day.

You don’t want old and dated equipment that refuse to start. Or, doesn’t come with any extra feature – like telling you the calories burnt. How well kept the equipment are matters too – they should be well sanitized and should be technically sound. The iron ones should be rust free and not broken.

The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide 2

  • Crowd

You need to know how many people are enrolled in the club fitness for the shift you are planning to attend. If you have to wait in queue for working out then you shouldn’t be paying for this. Also, too many people cannot be attended by the same trainer at a single point of time, so his attention gets divided and hence the fitness club isn’t worth.

The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide 3

  • Club Fitness Atmosphere

You should be in a safe and healthy environment where you know you’ll get something to learn every day. You should get into that fitness club only where you feel you’ll lose only your weight not your calm because of some characters around you. So do some research work and then join any gym.

The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide 4

  • Club fitness Hours

The shift you’re opting for should be according to your comfort and timetable so that you maintain your fitness level with a feeling of self-fulfillment without tiring yourselves out. You shouldn’t have any regrets for joining the fitness club( well that’s something impossible😉)

  • Club fitness Cost

The cost is one of the most important parts of a fitness club as it should be reasonable and according to the facilities, crowd, equipment, workouts, and trainers. The cost is the incentive of whether to join the gym or not. the clubs offer certain discounts and marketing strategies to attract the customers. make sure you make out the most from these offers.

  • Club fitness Parking

Queueing up at the parking lot. Not so cool. Ehh? Checking minor points as these are never on somebody’s hit list. But they should be. Many or most of us ignore these minute details but they are as crucial as the workouts.

One generally has a view that if they’re going to the gym they can wear anything and everything or one need not have a great fashion sense. Style isn’t necessary. But thanks to the celebrities club fitness has become a trendy, stylish and of course a fashion statement.

For women:

  1.  Lightweight t-shirts or sweatshirts made of cotton/polyester
  2. Clothing should be such that it doesn’t trap heat
  3. For large breasts, sports bra or tank tops would be the best.

The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide 5

For men:

  1. Cotton or polyester shirts that is designed to wick sweat.
  2. Lower or shorts

The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide 6


The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide 7

  1. For treadmill and running, running shoes are a must.
  2. For elliptical, exercise bike or training weights footwear, wear ample ankle and arch support.
  3. These days, sneakers of various colors are trendy and comfortable as well.
  • Essentials

Important necessities that are required to survive a gym schedule. Of course, you don’t want to succumb to those sweaty and sticky hours of gymming just gymming. Yeah you heard me right. You need some kind of playlist and headphones to make the exercises bearable. Also, you need to have a towel always to wipe yourselves out.

When you get a dry throat or you drain out of energy, you surely need water or energy drink and where will you keep that? Reusable water bottles. Having sweaty and dirty hair cant be resisted if you are in a fitness club for fitness but washing hair in the gym is not possible every day.

Dry shampoo comes to your rescue. Carry it whenever you feel the exercise is intense and trickling sweat will make your hair sticky. Also always carry a wide-toothed comb to set your hair after a rigorous session. Fitness experts have always highlighted the importance of healthy snacks and drinks after the exercise.

Whether you carry anything else or no but snacks are always necessary to carry. Body odour is a major issue, so to save others from the overwhelming smell, use a deodorant always and just not keep it but use it after every session.

First aid and sanitizers are also a requirement because hygiene and safety is always the first priority. Now comes the most needed item – DUFFLE BAG OR A BACKPACK. Or elsewhere would you keep all the essentials. Many think taking a bag is too heavy on them but that’s a real necessity to keep your goods in place and it also helps you in many ways.The Top Club Fitness Joining Guide 8

I might have missed out some points but the most important ones are covered in here and if you think I didn’t mention any , please be free to comment below. By the way one more thing- Do consider the club fitness where your crush is enrolled. That could be the most important thing, isn’t it?


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