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The Top Festivals in the U.S. in March You Need to Go To


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After that hard winter, one could not get enough of the nimble air. Every morning I wakened with a fresh consciousness that winter was over.”
Willa Cather, My Ántonia

Wondering what the best festivals in the U.S. in March is now that Spring is near? Willa Cather has rightly captured the essence of Spring in these lines of her work My Ántonia and makes one wish to know what truly makes March or Spring so interesting. We realise the festivals in the U.S. in March are what make the month so exciting and thrilling. In the U.S., March equals Spring. And Spring brings with it, the ever vibrant blossoming flowers and gardens, indicative of life and fruition. Here’s a list of few of the must-attend events and festivals in the U.S. in March that you should attend. We are sure you are going to love attending them, as much as we had when it comes to writing about them.

The Top Festivals in the U.S. in March

Wondering what are the best festivals in the U.S. when spring arrives? We have got the list you are looking for!

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated every year on March 17 is an Irish festival, marked as the day celebrating the feast of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Although traditionally Irish, the festival after being accepted by emigrants as a common secular holiday, is celebrated throughout America and other places with thrilling joy and enthusiasm.

Fuelled by the virtues of joy and prosperity, the this popular festivals in the US in March day’s celebrations include parades, food and music festivals, painting the town green by wearing green (the colour associated to St. Patrick’s Day), Irish folk dances and if nothing else, then wearing shamrock (national plant of Ireland looking similar to a clover and said to bring good luck) on their dress lapels as a sign of the celebration.

This special festivals in the U.S. in March has signature goods that include cabbage and corned beef and sometimes beer as well, that is dyed green to commemorate the spirit of the day. St. Patrick’s Day brings together Irish and non-Irish alike, together in the fortunate spirit of brotherhood and celebrations of happiness, joy and blessedness.

Charleston Food and Wine Festival

Charleston Food and Wine Festival celebrated every year in March, is the epitome of a gut filling and soul-satisfying culinary experience that one can ever have. It’s no wonder it is among the best festivals in the U.S. in March. Entertaining more than 100 culinary entries and enthusiasts, it promises five days of an ultimate mesmerising array of food, wine and recreation. Catering to top chefs of the world, winemakers, food enthusiasts, authors, artisans and storytellers, the backdrop of Charleston becomes the home, of one of the most happening and a must-attend place to be.

Among the best festivals in the U.S. in March, the event further includes lunches, dinners, signature events and dishes, excursions, cooking classes and brunches. This gives you a chance to experience and enjoy mouthwateringly delicious culinary arts at their highest coupled with the picturesque landscape beauty that Charleston is. The event is a must attend for all your food and wine lovers out there!

Charleston Antique Show

The annual Charleston Antique Show happening every year in March and brings to the world a fantabulous combination of the most aesthetically indulgent arts and antiques from around the world. It brings to a single place, The Galliard Centre, a three-day line up that is all about art and aestheticism. The show in the best festivals in the U.S. in March, brings to people a collection of the finest art in terms of paintings, antiques, furniture, objects of decor, jewellery, silver and other such items to espy.

The show, in what is the among the best festivals in the U.S. in March, presents to people thirty dealers on an average whose beautiful artworks are all displayed in an exhibit, waiting for the art connoisseurs and cognoscenti to explore, examine, appreciate and purchase them. The three day event is heaven for art and antique lovers with an added surprise of a free Bloody Mary being served!

Charleston Fashion Week

Charleston Fashion Week celebrated every year in March is a treat to the eyes and the fashionista within each of us, and an experience that one doesn’t forget so easily. The five-day event brings to people highly skilled curations of fashion and design. The show becomes host to stylish ramp walks, hyped photographers and an ardent fashion-loving audience.

Not only this, but the show becomes a platform to showcase one’s designs and get a chance to win the prestigious Charleston Fashion Week. It presents to people exclusive apparel and attitudes under one roof for a divine treat of five days complemented by the scenic beauty and thrilling nightlife of Charleston.

Charleston Festival of Houses and Gardens

one of the most fulfilling festivals in the U.S. in March, is the best way to explore and experience Charleston in all its spring glory. The festival gives you a chance to witness the grandeur and beauty that Charleston is laden with. You find here some of the best and most distinct edifices which the celebrate the elaborate and glorious history and culture of Charleston.

One witnesses Charleston’s most stupefying properties and gets a chance to delve into the depths of the rich cultural and architectural history and heritage of Charleston. Marked by the concerts and luncheons, the festival gives you at some of the most mouth-watering dishes and thrilling music of all time.

Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras in French or Fat Tuesday in English is a blithesome day marking the end of pre-Lent period called the Carnival. It is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, primarily in France and in New Orleans in the USA. The Carnival, among the best festivals in the U.S. in March, is marked by rejoicing, regaling and grooving to the beats of music with the apex of festivities happening with masquerades, parades, of drunkenness and open debauchery. It is followed by Lent that marks the beginning of fasting and denying worldly pleasures and focusing on God and religion. It begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday.

Atlanta Auto Show

Atlanta International Auto Show is one of the biggest auto show of America, becomes an integral part of the festivals in the U.S. in March, capturing the interest of major manufacturers from all around the world. It brings to people a variety of domestic and exclusive automotive and allows the visitors and exhibitors to come together and converse and share their views and opinions on the emerging market of automotive.

Aloha Festival

Aloha Festival, among the festivals in the U.S. in March you would love, is an annual festival celebrated in the islands of Hawaii in The United States of America aiming to commemorate and perpetuate the culture of Hawaii and along with that, celebrating the traditions and customs of the island. The attention grabber becomes the Floral Parade, ho’olaule’a in Waikiki and the Royal Court.

North Carolina Black Film Festival

North Carolina Black Film Festival, an annual event organised to focus on, promote and celebrate works and productions by Black members of the film industry. The festival happens on a yearly basis and highlights documentaries, short films, long narratives, experimental works, music videos, webisodes as well. All works are productions of black people, be it as a writer, director or actor.

The event, yet another of the great festivals in the U.S. in March, promotes and celebrates the work of black people so as to elevate the reach and influence of black ethnic culture and art. Selection for the festival is really tough and only the best of the best can make it to the final featuring of their works.

Savannah Music Festival

Savannah Music Festival one of the most happening festivals in the U.S. in March, is Georgia’s biggest musical event and undeniably one of the most prestigious one.

The Savannah Music Festival organized every year aims at presenting the best that the music industry has to offer in order to celebrate the genius of musical arts by creating more awareness and love for it, through their highly energetic and engaging production and performances that foster interest in musical arts, unity among artists and audience from different walks of life and illumine the senses of the passionate listeners.


Borderfest was started in 1976 in an attempt to internationally advance culture and community spirit. The Borderfest happens in Hidalgo, Texas every year. It is one of the oldest music festival of America including various kinds of foods and music from around the world.

Spring Celebration at Callaway Resort and Gardens

Scintillating lakes, melodious birdsongs and more than 20,000 azaleas budding with ever vibrant colours of spring. A must attend festivals in the U.S. in March, Spring at Callaway Gardens is truly mesmerising and enchanting and will get to each and every one of you.

Fight off the Winter doldrums this year at the Callaway Gardens and experience the breath-taking miles of hike trails, bike tracks, world’s most opulent azalea bowl, golf courses and enliven your spirits with the freshness and fruition of Spring. With mother nature at her sweetest and best, come enjoy the events and activities offered here, where Spring is realized in its truest beauty.

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Since its establishment, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has made a big impact on rodeo as a sport, livestock and entertainment industry as well. The Show note only proves to be a great source of entertainment but also provides them with an opportunity to showcase the southern life of Texas and to come out and show their talents to the world.

It provides them with a platform and works as an economic resource for the participants of the show, enhancing their lives for the better. Its success over the years has made it one of the most sought after and prestigious rodeos of all time.

South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW)

South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) happens annually in Austin, Texas in March and spans over five days of movie premieres, panel discussions, workshops, mentor sessions and much more. The festival hosts keynote speakers, filmmakers and industry leaders.

The festival has seen premieres including:

  • Furious 7,
  • 21 Jump Street,
  • Neighbors

The Cabin in the WoodsPast speakers at the festival call forth such big names as Ryan Gosling, Henry Collins, Nicholas Cage, Richard Linklater, Sally Field, Amy Schumer, Ava DuVernay, Mark Duplass, Jon Favreau, Sarah Green, Robert Rodriguez and many more. The festival has in its time, served as a starting point for many studios by providing them with enthusiastic fans of theatre. The festival aims to bring to light the emerging talents in the film space who work on and off camera and are future bearers of the industry with their raw innovations and unique ideas and visions.

The festival has events such as:

  • 24 Beats Per Second,
  • Documentary Competition,
  • Documentary Spotlight,
  • Narrative Competition

On the last day, SXSW Film Awards happen which honour the films selected by the Short Film Jury and Feature Film Jury.

The Virginia Festival of the Book

The Virginia Festival of the Book calls together authors, readers and literature enthusiasts to promote and celebrate reading, books and literary culture in general over a five day line-up in Albemarle and Charlottesville County every March.

The festival has witnessed over 20,000 audience each event over the thirteen years is has happened and is a massive community-based literary event of the Mid-Atlantic area. The festival has had attendance from a beguiling list of authors, from international bestsellers to debuting authors and other topical experts. In the past, the festival has seen the likes of David Baldacci, Rita Dove, and Beth Macy in its ranks.

Among the best festivals in the U.S. in March, it has established a unique name for itself for providing a platform where profoundly captivating discussions on vital contemporary issues are taken up and discussed in depth. For example- the topic of human rights was discussed in a session in 2013, social justice was talked about in 2016, unsung contributions by women in science and economic inequality were topics taken up in the year 2017.

The festival provides book readings and discussions in all genres, all ages and reading levels of people. Most importantly, the festival is open to all and free to attend except maybe some exclusive ticketed events because it aims to promote inclusion of people to literary arts on a larger scale. The festival partners with various corporations, schools, local businesses, bookstores, libraries and such dedicated organizations and individuals.

This allows them to have the events at diverse locations of the city and provides visitors a chance to enjoy the different areas of the County. It is one of the signature festival of the County and is a must visit especially for literary enthusiasts and lovers!

Georgia Yard Sales

Georgia Yard Sales are an integral part of the lives of the people of Georgia and are known to span counties and one going as far as a whole state. Shockingly their length is complemented by their size and reach to the people around. Whatever their location may be, they offer an abundance of latent gems and to-die-for deals and bargains for yard sale enthusiasts willing to take up the trek. Following are a few popular Georgia Yard Sales:-

• Dixie Highway 90 Mile Yard Sale
• Highway 127 Corridor Sale
• Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale
• Highway 411 Yard Sale
• U.S. 11 Antique Alley and Yard Sale

Which is among the best festivals in the U.S. in March that you want to visit? Let us know below.

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