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The Top 11 Self Love Challenge Strategies – How to Get Better

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What are the self love challenge strategies? Before we deep dive into that, let me tell you something. Recently, I was having a few hiccups in my life, so I went to seek help from my therapist. The session began with her inquiring about my daily routine, which I explained in detail. After hearing me out, she asked me this one question, “In a day, how much time do you spend on yourself?.” I was pensive for a moment.

She continued, “You’re so pre-occupied with your work and taking care of others so much that you forgot to look after yourself.” Was I there sitting with severe mental and physical issues and the only solution? To take care of myself. Now, ask yourself the very question. If you have no answer to it like me, then read on to find out how to make subtle changes in life to become better.

One more question. What do you do when you’re upset? Let me answer this. When you’re confused, you bury yourself under the pillow, cry for hours till your eyes puff up. To a point, where your face looks no less than a sick person, right? Now, that’s more like a self-harm strategy. If you’re someone who does that every time, then you must follow these self love challenge strategies and let go of the notion of being perfect for everyone.

The Top Self Love Challenge Strategies

At present, it’s more like we are living in a world competing with every other person. It’s more of a rat race where no one slows down to think what one wants but goes on an endless pursuit to be better than the one next to them. In a way, social media to be blamed. Um really? Don’t you think we should blame ourselves? Social media platforms help us connect with people, but it seems like we are disconnected from ourselves in the journey.

We’re busy seeking validation, trying to be better than others so much that we’re ending up losing ourselves, which eventually is taking a toll on our well-being. Thus, loving yourself is a much-needed therapy in this era. Give a pause to your mind-clock, reflect on yourself, and get in touch with your inner-self. Pretty sure, you will notice a positive change within yourself. Here are some self love challenge strategies to help you out.

1. Self Love Challenge: Feed on Nutritious Food

To begin with, you should take care of your health. Not having half a bread before leaving to work because you’re late. That’s only going to affect you after a few years. Wake up early, listen to soothing music, have a cup of freshly brewed coffee, prepare your favorite breakfast, and head to your office. When you’re healthy from the inside, you’ll look and feel better on the outside. It is one of the self love challenge strategies.

2. Self Love Challenge: Indulge in Meditative Practice

Yoga and meditation also help immensely in calming your soul from the hustle-bustle. Yoga keeps your body in sound shape, and meditation eases your mind. It is another self love challenge for you. Self-care is necessary when it comes to loving yourself. If you’ve been planning to cut down that extra fat, but lazy to head to the gym, then it’s high time you get that membership and hit the gym.

3. Learn to Say, “Gracias!”

When you step outside of your home, how often do you compliment others or at least take compliments in the right way? It’s easy to compliment others, but when others do the same to you, you try to dismiss and change the topic of conversation. These little things do matter a lot when it comes to self love challenge. If you find it hard to accept the way you are or the way you look, then no one’s going to do that for you. A simple “Thank you” shows that you’re self-confident and carry yourself well.

4. Embrace Adversities

Most often, expectations and hope kill us from within. We expect things to go the right way every single day. A good day is defined when everything goes as we expect it to be. But, a slight shift in the routine like missing your metro ride, or not being able to have a hot cup of coffee, makes it a bad day.

Pause for a moment and try to embrace them. You will notice a change in your mood and your day. Appreciate the little things and let go of the negative thoughts. That way, you will experience a good day, almost every day. Take up this self love challenge.

5. Engage in Exciting Activities

So, coming back to the question, what should you do when you’re upset? Well, I would say, cry it out. No, it’s not self-harm. Holding back things will only make you explode when you reach the peak. So, cry it out or talk your heart out with someone you trust.

But, not for an entire week where you zone out and go into a depression mode. That’s self-harm. Engage yourself with hobbies, go on a date with your friend, buy yourself a gift, do something exciting, or cook your favorite dish. Cheer yourself up. That’s the best thing you could do for yourself and is one of the self love challenge strategies.

6. Immerse Yourself in Reading Books

Stop burying your head in devices, and scrolling til your thumbs hurt endlessly. One, it restricts you from being productive. Two, your mind wanders and goes into a negative zone where you feel bad about yourself after hitting the “like” button to your friend’s posts. Plan a time to check your feed, but not the entire day.

Hours of endless switching between apps will only make you feel like there’s nothing more important in this world. Read a book instead. You can feed your mind with positive thoughts, improve your vocabulary, and also perhaps learn life lessons. Another self love challenge.

7. Surround Yourself With Optimistic People

You tend to behave according to your surroundings and the people around you. Let’s say; you enter a room with people fighting; the entire negative vibe is transformed into you ruining your happy mood. The same goes for having friends. Your friends define you.  Try to fill your life with people who spread a happy and positive vibe.

When you’re surrounded by positive-minded people around you, you feel lively and satisfying. Let go of people who try to put you down or spread negativity in your life. That way, you can gain a bunch of better things in life. Invite only the right people to your party of life. It’s one of the self love challenge strategies.

8. Let Go of Things You Don’t Feel Right

If you’re not happy with your job or your relationship, leave it. Never stick on to the things that you don’t like hoping it will be better the next day. There are plenty of jobs around. You only need to have patience and work hard for yourself. Once you do that, everything comes to you invariably.

It’s just a matter of time. The more you focus on yourself, the better things will come on your plate. Just give it time and see how everything will fall into place. So, do not stay for a longer time if you don’t feel right. Carry out this self love challenge strategy.

9. Chase What You Love

If you’ve always wanted to pursue your hobby as your profession, or if you’ve landed in a job, you just hate, figure out what you like and follow that path. Find a job that keeps you excited throughout the day. It is one of the self love challenge strategies. Find a situation where you’re enthusiastic about Mondays.

That way, you’re saving yourself from a lot of problems. Give yourself ample time to think about what you love and do that. Don’t keep complaining about your job or have high dreams. Hustle hard and make it a reality. You never know your true potential until you genuinely dive into something.

10. Be Expressive

Another self love challenge strategy is to be straightforward. Stop worrying about what others think of you. It’s the one thing that makes us stop doing a bunch of things in life. Voice out your opinions firmly, learn to say no, and come out of your comfort zone. People are busy in their world, so stop thinking about what they think of you.

If someone wrongly comments on you, let go of it. Do not take it to your heart; distance yourself from such people. Build a brand for yourself and market yourself. Show the world why and how you are unique. That way, you can have a better professional and personal life too.

11. Prepare a To-Do List

Make a list of all the things that you want to do. It may be as small as finishing your artwork, or it may be achieving your goals. List out and make sure you complete them. Immerse yourself into producing, wake up early if you have to reach your goal. Don’t binge-watch on that series or movies at night. They take your mind out of reality.

Stop being an all-nighter. It’s okay to watch them in between breaks but not the whole day.  Set your priorities right and follow it. It might be hard initially, but once you’re on the grind, you’ll love being busy and productive rather than spending hours on fruitless things. These are the self love challenge strategies to lead a happy life.

In a nutshell, do the things you love, engage yourself with exciting ideas, travel the world, get to know your city, surprise yourself, dress well, feed your mind with positivity, fill your body with healthy stuff, get out of your comfort zone, take yourself on a long drive singing your favorite song out loud, dance freely, laugh uncontrollably, love yourself unconditionally, talk your heart out, smile wide and show your pearly white teeth 😀

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