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The “Ugly-girl-Syndrome”


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Remember Ugly Betty or her Indian version Jassi from “ Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi?” Despite the world trying to bring her down, she always bounced back and never wavered from her goal.

We all have loads of insecurities in our life. It’s about how we use them- for our construction or our destruction. “I am not beautiful” is the most common insecurity among girls nowadays. Read on the article below to find out if you are also prey to this self-destructive syndrome-the ‘ugly girl syndrome‘ and how you can overcome it.


1. The ugly friend-

You constantly feel like you are the “ugly duckling” of your group. You are often overshadowed by the pretty girls in your friend circle. You secretly envy them. In fact, this syndrome will make you hate every good-looking girl even if you don’t know them.

 You need to understand that while the outer beauty is the moment, inner beauty is eternal. The other girls may not have the qualities in them which you possess. So don’t let anyone steal your spotlight. Embrace that beauty in you.


2. You are still single–

When someone asks you about your relationship status, you say that you are happily single, but only your heart knows that the cute guy in the class you have your eyes on doesn’t even know you exist.

If you have never been asked out, then your body language could be the reason behind it. Bring out your personality and let people know the real you.  If you like someone, then firstly, you have to let them realize your presence. Don’t be afraid of being seen.


3. You try too hard to be likable-

What you think you lack in looks, you try to make it up with others’ behavior. You end up sacrificing your pleasures and happiness for the people who don’t even care to appreciate you.

 Having a helping nature is definitely a good thing, but don’t go out of your way to impress others. You don’t need to try too hard for others to like you. Be careful, or people will start taking advantage of your niceness. You have the right to say ‘NO’ if you don’t want to do something.


4. You hate yourself-

You avoid your mirror reflection, you avoid getting clicked, and you avoid parties just because you hate yourself for not being pretty. You blame God every single day for creating you the way he did.

If you don’t love yourself, you can not expect others to. Remember, it’s not ugly the way you look; it’s ugly the way you act. Change your attitude towards yourself and see the difference in how people treat you.


5. Low self-confidence-

You hold back yourself due to the lack of confidence in yourself. Even when you know that you can do a task better than others, you won’t step up to do it.

A simple trick to be confident is to pretend to be confident. Fake confidence for some time and you will be surprised to see that it will come naturally to you. Confidence is sexy; always carry it.

Get rid of this syndrome today and be your best beautiful self. Ciao

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