The year has ended, but definitely not the fashion trends it has set!

The year has ended, but definitely not the fashion trends it has set! 1

2015 has ended on a happy note (let’s call it happy no matter how it was, okay?) and most of us are geared up to have a happy ride this New Year. While we are busy celebrating 2016, let me remind you of a few fashion trends from 2015 that you should not forget if you want to dress up in a cool and trendy manner this year.

  1. When you think of all that you wore in 2015, Palazzo will be the first thing you could think of! Closer to home, we saw and admired our desi girls wear colourful palazzos that rocked their look. Remember Deepika‘s sexy printed orange-ish palazzo in Cocktail? She sported it flawlessly, long before we started realizing the impact of this trend.

    Here is Deepika Padukone in her palazzo. Foodies- please concentrate on her pants. Forget the fish! 😛


  2. Now, when we speak about Deepika Padukone, you are sure to have observed her rough and tough white sneakers/shoes. These white shoes are not just comfortable but can be effortlessly teamed with any outfit (except ethnic, obviously). Jeans, a tee and white shoes- this is one ensemble most actresses were spotted in. One does not need to be confined to white shoes but can try experimenting with grey and black too. After all these three are universal colours that can match clothes of most other colours!
  3. All that glitters might not be gold but all that shimmers is sure to catch your eyes. 2015 saw most of the top fashion designers showcase something with shimmer or bling. Not just in 2015, clothes that glitter and shine have always been labelled as trendy. So, go grab something in bling right now! 
  4. HIGH WAIST!!! Let’s not forget this beauty. Personally, high waist pants are among my most favourite pieces of clothing. Be it button-up or with zipper, high waist pants have rocked fashion trend charts in 2015. High waist shorts too were in fashion, especially in the beach wear section. Are you a proud owner of a high waist pant yet?


5. Lastly, crop tops are so well associated with high waist pants and shorts that I cannot dare to not mention them. These tops form part of the kinds of fashion trends that not only look great on catwalk models but set off alarm bells in real life too! It may take some effort to tone your belly and have a flat tummy if you wish to rock your crop top like these Bolly beauties but don’t be alarmed if you don’t have a super slim waist since crop tops can be rocked by any body types!


Here is what I found most impressing among some rocking fashion trends last year. Buy your own piece and rock it your way!

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