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5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wetsuit

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There are countless things you need to consider when choosing a wetsuit. Few choose the right fitting wetsuit the first time – and you certainly don’t want to make the mistake of buying an expensive wetsuit on the whim to have to return it moments after it arrives. Travelling to a wetsuit centre can make all the difference. Here, you can find the best fitting wetsuit with ease, and get the opportunity to try on multiple wetsuits to find which is most comfortable for you. Here is what else to consider when choosing a wetsuit:   

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wetsuit 1


As convenient as online shopping is, we strongly recommend visiting a reputable water sports store when choosing a wetsuit. Though sizing charts are supposed to identify the perfect wetsuit fit for you, they differ from one brand to another. Plus, whilst you may have no choice but to order your exact size in store, you can suss out the beneficial features of each wetsuit on sale based on quality to avoid disappointment when your chosen wetsuit arrives.  


Getting your wetsuit size right is essential, yet when it comes to water sports, few people successfully pick the right fitting wetsuit the first time. In order to ensure your wetsuit fits correctly, to provide efficient thermal insulation and enhance buoyancy, you must know your height and weight. This way, not only can you be assured that your wetsuit will keep you warm in the water, but you knowingly won’t struggle to get it on in the first place. Whilst no one happily volunteers to step in the scales, in this situation, it is crucial! If you do need to return your wetsuit for any reason, ensure you have not worn it in water and all the original tags are still attached to get a refund or exchange your wetsuit.


For those looking for the best-high quality wetsuit on a budget, the price of your wetsuit matters. Luckily, the cost of wetsuits varies across the board, depending on the brand and flexibility of the neoprene. More often than not, the more expensive a wetsuit, the better quality neoprene it is made of. Wetsuits made of high-quality neoprene make moving and swimming much easier than those available at half the cost, and just like everything, you want to find the fine line between quality and price of your new wetsuit.

Condition Of Wetsuit

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting to buy a previously owned wetsuit, providing it is in good condition. Though there are countless good-quality wetsuits up for grabs at a quarter of the price, do not be fooled. Although buying a second-hand wetsuit will save you money, common issues associated with buying a used wetsuit include holes, poor stitching and overly stretched neoprene which will provide less warmth. Whilst this isn’t always the case, we recommend asking the current owner of the wetsuit to send additional photographs that could suggest damage, or to check it out yourself if possible.  


The ultimate factor to consider when choosing a wetsuit is the brand. Whilst numerous brands offer great quality wetsuits fit for professional water sport addicts and beginners alike, you want to find one that offers invaluable protection and a seamless performance, in a style you like. Though wetsuits are supposed to be tightfitting, they shouldn’t be too tight or overly loose and create folds of neoprene or so it allows water in your wetsuit. Before you choose your wetsuit, conduct thorough research online to find the best brand for your experience, budget and bracket.

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