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10 Things Every Final Year Student Should Do

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Madhubrata Bhattacharyya
19 years young and a fierce feminist.

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College life is a fleetingly short, but a very important time of our lives. From  both the academic and the social aspects, college provides us with an unforgettable experience that plays a significant role in determining the kind of people we go on to become. Every year of college is significant in its own way, having something new to offer. In many ways, the final year of college is the most vital-it is a time to both soak in as much of the college experience as possible, as well as for doing our best to prepare ourselves for all life in the outside world has to offer.

Here are ten things every final year student set to graduate from college must do.

  1. Choose Your Path:

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A final year student is still very young and does not need to have their whole life figured out, but one should have a basic notion of the wider field (s)he wants to enter post graduation. Whether this be continuing in academia, or getting a job. Now is the time to figure things out!

2.Take Prior Steps In The Direction Determined

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Now that your goals have been set, now is the time for final year students to take baby steps to reach them. Whether this be looking up universities that offer courses you are interested in or applying for the jobs you really want, this is the time to take action.

3.Land Your Dream Internship

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Internships are something every college student should consider, not only do they look good on your CV, they provide great insight into the work experience. As a final year student, let this year be the year you land that internship you really, really want.

4.Pull Up Your Socks

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If you have not already, this is the year for the final year student to get very serious about your grades. The CGPA is a quite important part of your resume-and this is the year to either sustain or pull up yours!

5.(Try To) Get A Position Of Responsibility

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Just as work experience as an intern or job holder looks great on your resume, so does having worked in a position of responsibility. Look for any you can secure-be it in a society of your college or in other openings.

6. Acquire Added Skills

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There are skills you learn in class as part of your curriculum, and there are added skills you can pick up in addition, that look good on your resume. As a final year student, time An online course in web designing or an after hours class on a foreign language-expand your knowledge in whatever sparks your interest.

7. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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College provides a very secure environment to explore your interests and discover yourself, but it also makes it easy to stay complacent in preconceived ideas of yourself and your “limits.” Knowing that the outside world requires more strength and more courage, you might as well step outside your comfort zones in the final year. Make new friends, speak or sing in public, do what scares you.

8. Get To Know Your College Very Well

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As this is you last shot at making some memorable moments to take back with you, get to know your college very well indeed-the place and the people, the opportunities and the activities offered and join as many as ignite your interest.

9. Explore Your City/Town

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The campus is not the only thing you are leaving behind-with no certainty about what the future holds, you may be bidding goodbye to wider surroundings. Get to know them before you leave.

10. Travel

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Take time out to travel. You will never be as free as you are now ever again. So set out with friends or alone-be it on a road trip or even out of the country, get going!




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19 years young and a fierce feminist.

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