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8 Things Every Girl Does But Will Mostly Never Admit


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All the Instagram photos and dressed up appearances have somehow convinced most of the human civilization that ‘ladies’ are not used to being indulged in any of the basic human activities, this however is wrong, we, girls do most of the things you think we don’t, but if we ask us, we will deny it anyway.

So, here are a few things most women don’t admit because most of them are is too embarrassing to admit, but as humans can not refrain from doing:

We Pick Our Nose

Yes, it is out there now, we ladies do pick our noses and sometimes even in public places, making sure nobody catches us doing it obviously.

We Stalk People On Social Media

Yes, we Facebook stalk our crushes, our crush’s crush, their crush, the girl we envy, the girl we admire and almost half the people we know.

We Smell Our Clothes To determine Whether To wear Them again Or Wash Them

And most often than not, they are mostly reusable.

We Hate Washing Our Hair

The longer the hair, the bigger the procrastination. We can go days without washing our hair and the said days include the gym days as well.

We Can wear The Same Outfit In A Row If No One Important Saw Us

And if we din’t click a killer selfie and uploaded it on Instagram.

We Can Eat A whole Cake By Ourselves

Somehow the society assumes that girls don’t eat much, well, Surprise!

We Dig The Remains Of What We just Ate From Our Teeth By Our Nails

The said dental hygiene tool is immensely convenient to carry around and doesn’t cost a penny.

We Smell Ourselves

Sometimes to make sure the smell that has been disgusting us is not coming from us

Yes, are humans too!

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