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10 Things Every Pizza Lover Could Relate To


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Does your heart look like this?? Does looking at this makes your mouth water? Does your heart goes swooning just by looking at it?

Then you are definitely the one we are talking about.

1.Why should I given you mine! :-/

Sharing is not one of your best traits when it comes to pizza. Unannounced arrivals make you protective, like a mama bear of her baby. Sharing a single piece makes you feels like you lost a fortune. It makes you grumpy.

2.Staple food of life

You can have pizza anytime of the day. You will never have enough of it, ever. You could never say no to it even if you have a full stomach.

“Pizza for breakfast?” YOU-“Why not?”

“Pizza for lunch?” YOU-“Hell yeaah!”

“Pizza for dinner??” YOU-“Yes, My life could not be any better!!!!!”

3.Your Emergency Contact List- Pizza hut, Dominos..

No pizza discount deals or coupons ever goes unnoticed by you. You are always equipped with numbers of all pizza outlets. You are the one your friends prefer to call to know the current offer on pizza outlets.

4.Dieting is a far-fetched dream

You know that abs and pizza cannot go hand-in-hand. Everyone had advised you against it, if you want that perfect body. So, you are done with it.

It was a night of constant contemplation. You knew in your heart what you wanted. The question was-what do you want more? You have made your choice with a heavy heart.

No more dieting. HAHAHA!!!

5.Pizza chases your blues away!

Pizza is your depression food. There is that favorite pizza of yours that could always raise your spirits. Everyone close to you knows what to bring when you are sad, upset or angry. That round, cheesy pizza is your ultimate mood up lifter. Your smile pops up at the sight or even smell of it.

6.Eating a whole pizza is as easy as it comes!!

You can gorge on an entire pizza all by yourself, doesn’t matter it’s a medium or a large one. The idea of eating those 8 slices by you is too tempting. For a pizzaholic, finishing off a whole pizza is the easiest thing they have done.

7.”Who wants pizza?”- ME!!!

Whenever there is a get together or a order-in situation, nobody asks you what you want. As soon as the question pops up, “For You?” everyone around answers it for you-“Obvio, Pizza!!” and you have that grin on your face. Even your friends bribe you with it if they ever need to get something done by you.


8.Once upon a time at Uncle Sam’s pizza….

For a die-hard fan, most of his/her tales to share begins or ends with a pizza. Don’t you feel like all your funny stories have something to do with a pizza?? Well, somehow pizza winds up in most of the pizzaholic fun times.

9.”You like pizza? Ditto! “

You make friends with pizzaholics faster when they love pizza as much as you do. You guys always have that one thing in common you could always talk about or drool over.

10.Going out vs. Staying-in

Often you choose stay-in pizza night rather than going out because it sounds too damn good.

You have, Haven’t you?

Doesn’t it feel exactly like you??? Like every point was written keeping you in mind.

These images have made me go crazy for pizza!! I wonder how you pizzaholics are holding up. Well, I am going to order mine. See you soon my foodies!!!

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