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10 Things a Girl Wants in Her Prince Charming


You go on dates to understand your partner better, to discover the person and their personality. We have all have confused the concept of dating with a relationship. Dating is the superficial level to see if you both farewell, and then if it goes well, comes the relationship.

Only during the dating process do you understand the person and your needs. Then you realize whether it’s a green signal for the future. You can’t really propose before dating. If you do, it’s not proposing. It means you’re asking them out.

Girls at this stage tend to analyze the guy in different ways. Some of the factors that girls should commonly focus on are:

1. Whether or not she is comfortable about telling stuff to him
Never in life do we like to stay around a person we do not like to talk to. So, it’s obvious that a person we fantasize about should be someone we can freely share our thoughts, fears, and past with. Having a person who can be told everything gets us someone who understands us well, and this level of understanding forms the foundation of any relationship.

2. The Smartness Factor
Be it any person, our colleague or boss, our cousin or some other relative, a friend or our boyfriend, all are judged based on their knowledge, fiction, humor, and other aspects of their personality. A smart man who is also presentable makes us feel comfortable with that person in public or around people we know.

3. Un-Awkward Silence
Silence is the language of love. So being silent but not awkward around a person is undeniably a very happening moment.

4. Being a good human is a must!
Imagine staying with a person who loves you and cares for you but is rude and cruel to neighbors, city kids, your parents, or some other people. Do you really think such a guy is the guy of your dreams?

5. Respects her, cares for her, and loves her
Every girl wants to be respected, cared for, and loved by the people close to her. So naturally, the same is expected of her prince, possibly on a much greater scale.

6. Feeling Special
Is it not obvious that a girl in love with a guy expects special attention and sometimes royal treatment from him? The very feeling of being special is delightful and amazing.

7. Freedom of doing girly things without criticism
Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if our man went shopping with us, helps us choose clothes, or just enjoyed a gol-gappa siesta with us once in a while?

8. The Protective feeling
We’re all princesses, and thus we are protected and cared for since childhood. Our princes must do the same romantically, always to know that there is someone to watch out for us.

9. Discussing even the most stupid events
Two people in a loving relationship must be best of friends. And best friends talk about everything, from the most important event to the stupidest crap to each other.

10. Well, looks do matter!
No matter how sophisticated and ideal we may pretend to be, physical appearances do come into the picture on some level. It may vary from person to person, but the looks of a person create the FIRST IMPRESSION. And we all know the significance of the first impression.

So, dear ladies, if you’re going out on a date, make sure that the man you’re going out with suffices the points mentioned in the list above.

Happy dating.


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