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5 Things Girls Like About Boys but Never Tell Them

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The most common perception boys have about girls is that girls confuse them. They tend to get confused with what actually a girl likes or dislikes. But the things are not that complicated as they seem. Yes, there is a reason girls never propose to guys after all!

Things Girls Like About Boys

They are very simple : just be yourself and girls will girls will automatically notice what seems real. There are certain things girls would never tell boys especially what they like in boys. Girls are the introvert observers who notice the slightest of things. You never know boys, but those little things will create your impression in her eyes.

It’s not they are very choosy but they are definitely particular. Maybe that’s why it’s difficult to figure out what girls like about boys. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like, it’s just that they don’t tell. So here are some things girls like about boys but never express.

5 Things Girls Like About Boys but Never Tell Them 1

1) The caring element :

Girls might not express it always but they do like the concern boys have in them. That concern does not necessarily have to be about just their girl but also towards their family and the society. They love the way boys take care of little things without complaining. Forget that girls would love your expensive gifts. No, girls will just be happier than ever if you spare 10 minutes from your busy schedule and talk to them. They won’t always speak it but that’s what exactly matters to them.

2) The jealousy :

Boys often feel girls get don’t like it when boys get jealous. But the reality is that she will love it if you feel jealous. Yes, girls will love to see the innocent jealousy in your eyes. By jealousy I don’t mean fighting with other boys to be with her. By jealousy I mean the innocent puppy face he makes when he watches you with someone else. So boys, if you are sweetly jealous she will notice it. There are many things girls love about guys, for one.

3) Career Oriented :

Yes boys ! Girls love it when you are career oriented and just fooling around with your friends. She loves it when you know your responsibilities and also the fact that career is important. Your dedication and hard work always reflect positively and will surely impress a girl. If she truly knows you and respects your work, she will always respect the fact that you are a professional.5 Things Girls Like About Boys but Never Tell Them 2

4) Respectful towards everyone :

Girls always love to see when boys respect not just their family but every single human being. If you are humble towards everyone you meet and always tend to stay with the right, girls will always love it. Yes, they won’t say but their eyes say it all.

5) A family man :

Trust me boys, if a girl knows you are a boy transforming into a family man she will just love it. She will absolutely adore the fact that you believe in having a family with one woman and not fooling around with every second woman.

So boys, just remember girls don’t speak but notice every bit of you. The smallest of things will be the most heartwarming things for them. Yes, there are many things girls like about guys!


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