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I Proposed A Guy and He Said No: 8 Next Steps

rejection in love

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Do you all wonder that what if I proposed a guy and he said no, what would be the next thing to do? Calling him nuts, bringing his house down on fire, or most appropriate sending assassins to finish him won’t solve your problems.

No, none of the above is going to help you in making a sensible decision for your own life. I can imagine the thoughts that a mind will go through after facing rejection in love, but there are always doors for new things, and just to reach out to those escapes, there are few things which should be kept in mind.

I hope this article will give you a ray of hope to handle the pain of rejection and comfort of not being an only one to be in the cycle of “I proposed a guy and he said no” 

1. I proposed a guy and he said No: Accept the reality 

You have to accept that he had rejected you, you cannot walk around, expecting him to come back saying that he was just kidding. Real-life is not that fantastic at last.  Stop imagining your phone is ringing and stop thinking of asking him again; that would just make you sound clingy and desperate, which you are not. 

I remember when I proposed a guy and he said no, I was blinded by the cliché movies that maybe he is just playing around, and it is all a planned joke because I could not accept that FACT that he had rejected me. 

Always remember that if a guy wants to be with you, he will be with you. He will not play hard to get, or he will not reject you to seek your attention, so just stop your mind from ignoring real life. 

Accept it and move ahead. The first step in moving forward is always acceptance. So don’t worry, your mind even more because of your wild running imagination. 

2. Take a break from him 

I proposed a guy and he said no, but he is a good friend of mine, and I can’t just entirely cut my contact with him. 

This is the most common situation after being rejected by someone. Always remember that what you decide to do today will affect your future. I would recommend a short break from him because that will give your mind a rest from the regular interactions, your soul needs this time to take in the current situation. 

This doesn’t mean that you are childish or immature; instead, it makes you more confident and sure about what is coming next. 

You can easily communicate your point of view to him and just let your self disappear for a while. This break will be yours. You will get more strength and understanding to avoid potential awkwardness. 

The human mind is dynamic and full of creative imagination, which might even hurt you, but still, we do it because we are built that way, but the least we can do is deal with all this without involving the cause of it. 

3. Ranting to your friends about I proposed a guy and he said no 

Do you know what he did, I proposed a guy and he said no. How dare he? Am I that bad? I think he didn’t even deserve me.

What do you think? And your closest friend will pop the question about the guy.

Hundred more questions that are floating in your brain needs to be flowed out. Take your phone and just talk out all these emotions. Talking about your feelings will make them less burdensome on your heart.

Do not isolate yourself from your friends; the person you see in your mirror doesn’t deserve to be treated that harsh. Understood? 

Ranting keeps you in an emotionally balanced state. Your friends won’t even judge you, so you have a plus point there. Never hesitate to tell your problems to your friends. 

Just remember one thing that ranting daily would just exhaust your mind, so instead, take a long list and make it count on the first chance itself. 

4. Stop stalking him 

I want to know what he is up to these days, I proposed a guy and he said no, but I am still curious. 

  1. Stop stalling his profile that would not change anything but will only exhaust you more. You are wasting your time on someone who you have tried to shoot your shot at. He is not a potential love but history now. 

Stop wasting your precious time watching the same pictures which you have seen almost twenty times already. He is not going to say yes, even if you make it a hundred times. So just let it go. 

Your heart will just explode of emotions if you see any new post of him or he will be out with a female. Your brain would not feel good; I can assure you.

So stop checking his profile again and again. You don’t want to know if he has posted a story or not. That’s none of your business now. 

5.Delete the conversations

In the middle of the night, when your heart is full of aches and desires to be loved, you will search for the nearest love that you have experienced, which is indeed him. You will read your old chats which you thought were yours and your potential boyfriend’s. 

Just then, the reality will slap you hard that he is not the one, and you are just wasting your time again. So to save yourself from the embarrassment or the feeling of emptiness, just delete the conversation. That is the easiest way to start new. You’ll be miserable while reading them, and you will be embarrassed too. 

I know you this because as same as you. I proposed a guy and he said no, I didn’t delete our exchanged texts, and after reading, I could not be more cringed at myself. 

So avoid all those feelings and just delete it. It’ll be a bit tough to do so because we love to hold on things which give us pain, but only for once do this for yourself. Love yourself a bit. 

6. Stop finding flaws in yourself 

I wish I were just a bit more his type then he would be mine. I proposed a guy and he said no, this would have been prevented if I would not have sent him those lame memes. 

Why do I talk like that maybe he didn’t like the way I asked him out. 

Just STOP from creating flaws, which are just the perfect things that make you what you are. Even if you were a carbon copy of his dream girl, then he wouldn’t say a Yes if he didn’t want to. 

It is not your fault. Here is a video to prevent you from overthinking.

That would just make a psychopath with some new stalking skills. You’re here for love, not to forced romance. So quit finding your flaws and thinking that you are not good enough because that is not true.

There are numerous flowers in the garden. A sunflower is pretty, and so is a rose. You can’t compare them because they are both different and beautiful as they are.

Imagine a rose starts to wish for the large petals like a sunflower? That would just make no sense. That is exactly you.

So my dear reader stops being harsh on your beautiful soul and smiles a little harder today. You are beautiful. 

7.Understanding that it is not an end

Hey, come on even I proposed a guy and he said no but that’s not the end. This does not mean that you are not going to find the love of your life. You are on a journey. He was just a potential stop that you ought to keep walking. You’ll find another. Be brave, and it is just a rejection you have a whole life ahead of you. 

You don’t even know what wonders it holds for you, so stop pitying yourself and be patient. 

Love is not something that you can find after searching for it; it is like a sin that you’ll commit unknowingly. I can guarantee you that after years when you will be sitting cozily in your lover’s embrace, you will be thankful for this rejection that taught you how to keep trying. 

Life might be partial at times, but not every partiality results in negativity.

8. Start keeping yourself busy 

Start doing things that would make you forget about your rejection—drawing, painting, writing, shopping, or even gossiping with your pals. The world is full of things that might interest you to fill up your sad phase. 

You will eventually find yourself thinking less and less about him after each passing day. If your mind is preoccupied, then you will not get any negative thoughts. Always remember we are an optimistic person walking and spreading sunshine on our way, not a permissive human. 

The teacher in the class pays her more attention to the kid who’s taking a little more time in understanding things; she nurtures him that is precisely what your heart and mind feel now.

So instead of treating them as you will generally do, take out some extra time for them. Provide them a calm atmosphere and stopover exhausting them. Soon, they will be as good as your whole body. They just need time.

I hope this article on  “I proposed a guy and he said no”   provided you the clarity that you were seeking for. I would wish for you to find the best for what suits you. Being loved by you would be a blessing to them. 

So comment and tell us what do you feel about these solutions.


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