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Top 10 Things That are Charming to Talk About

things that are charming

Wondering what are the things that are charming to talk about?

World is full of varieties and phenomenons to talk about, things that are charming things that hold maximum interest of humans and things that almost anyone can talk about.

We all want to stand out in the crowd and sway people’s minds and to grab someone’s attention, talking is one of the main things that helps.
Just talking about anything would not lead you to the epitome of excellence but you would have to know what actually you need to talk about.

Having selected topics to talk about doesn’t confine your thoughts, it just provides you with a direction of thinking. Now you know what you’re going to talk about and that is top most at “things that are charming”.

Following are some of the things that are charming and effortlessly attractive to talk about

1. Accomplishments

Talking about the things that you have achieved in life adds confidence to you and you feel more empowered with control. Asking about their accomplishment makes the conversation to flow smoothly.Your curiosity to know about their achievements makes them more inclined towards you. You get to know about their personal part of life from them only.

Learning about someone’s achievements makes them have faith in you and that is one of the best main things that are charming to catch while having any conversation. If you want to know about a person in detail without seeming creepy but attractive this is one of the best things that are charming to talk about.

2. Love and Love stories 

Love is the emotion that almost everyone is eagerly interested to know and talk about. The shimmering eyes of the pool when you start talking about your love stories is definitely one of the things that are charming to talk about. Love is totally based on feelings and feelings vary from person to person and that’s the most excitingly attractive thing about talking about it.

You never know what’s coming next in the conversation. Love is a topic that everyone understands differently and so are the stories which they share.

You can talk about your first love, your heartbreak, your soul wrenching experience and even your sweet lovely memories. Talking about love is so endearing to the people, it creates a bonding of interest and attracts people to indulge in the conversation.

You can talk about your own lover, you can tell them what love means to you. You can share your own theories and all of it so charming to talk about.

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3. Sources of motivation

Talking about how you get the push to do anything is tremendously attractive. The sharing of sources which feed you with motivation and energy to perform any task is very useful and interesting to talk about. Tell them your sources, tell your ways of finding motivation and share your stories of experiences.
Don’t restrict yourself from explaining how your ideas of motivating and being motivated have developed.

You can tell them about any ideal speaker of yours or you can recommend them any book that made you change a big part of your life. You can talk about every single thing that had once or is still motivational to you.

You can tell them about any event that happened in your life which lead you to be so motivated that you took a decision that changed your life.

This will attract your audience more and they will be more interested in listening to you.
Any event that happened in your life which led you to understand what you actually want to do in life. Talk about the times you failed and what things let you to not fall in the pit of demoralization.

4. Perspective and Opinion

Getting to know and talk about the way you see the world and it’s happenings is one of the things that are charming to discuss.

People are dynamic and so is their thinking, they see the world with their own knowledge and experiences. They understand and observe things differently and it creates a sense of excitement to know about things from their perspectives.
You get to learn a lot by their ways of thinking, about how they opinion on various things that are present in the world.

Talk about how you look at the world, tell about the theories that you believe in. Indulge the information that you have on the philosophical working of world . Present everything that you know with a smart charm.

Always try to seem confident of what you know and try to explain them that the things that you are talking about are just your ideas and theories,which are flexible.
You have every right to talk about what you feel about the ongoing things in world.

Even the shallowest of the people have opinions and judgments for the things that they see in their daily lives. Just to have a knowledge of those things is attractive.
You learn a lot about their own behaviors and emotions, you learn about their opinionated thoughts.

It can be very charming to understand the thinking of a mind other than yours.

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5. Interests or hobbies : Things that are charming 

You can talk about your hobbies and interests to make the conversation more charming and active. Talk about what you do in your free time, how you like to spend your lazy weekends and what do you plan on doing to boost your stress.

Tell them about your favorite artists, the type of food you like to cook or even the TV show that you’re currently binge watching. All these help to generate connection and the conversation becomes engaging and charming.

You can talk about your favorite movies and music. You can discuss the types of books you like to read. Hobbies have no limitations and restrictions, they can be anything starting from gardening to hiking.

Talking about the things that are your hobbies and things that you do for recreation create comfort in the conversation and the discussion becomes catchy as well as interesting.

Moreover people get you get new ideas and thoughts to spend their times as per their choices. Having to know such common yet creative things makes you a person who knows a lot about things that are charming to smoothly continue any conversation.

6. Memories of past

The path to your past always opens doors to millions of events and memories. The joy of reminiscing is as strong as the ache of heartbreaks.

Opening up about the memories of your life makes you more understandable and acceptable of your own self. You talking about your own past experiences gives a lot of real life lessons to learn from, to the people. You make them interested in you by telling them the things that you did in your past.

You can talk about your childhood, the school days or even your past relationships with your friends or lovers. You can talk about the things that you learnt from heartbreaks or the things that you miss about being a carefree child.

Tell them about the time when you almost gave up but now laugh at its memory . Tell them that every event in your past has some who developed your personality into what you at present are.

Tell them everything and engage them in your conversation at that extent that they start adding in your thoughts too.
That is the best among the things that are charming.

7. Things that make you happy

Happiness is not a state to reside in forever. Happiness is a moment and that moment is one of the things that are charming to share while talking. You can talk about all the silly things that give you feelings of joy and happiness. Tell about the last time that you were visibly happy and content.

Tell them what kind of food gives a huge smile on your face and tell them about the precious time of immense happiness you experienced while visiting your family back home.
Talk about how you love spending time with your dog and tell them how you love going out with your friends.

Don’t feel restricted in telling them about your secret sources of happiness. Don’t hesitate to tell them about your best friend.

Describe the best moments of your life to them and make it smooth for them to open up.
Tell them that you enjoy watching the sky and explain to them the peace you feel while listening to your favorite music.

You are most confident while talking about what you know absolutely everything about and the things that make you happy are not better known by anyone than you. You have every right to bombard them with each single thing that provides you with a slightest of smiles.

This allows you to be unique and full of sunshine.

8. Ambitions

What is more charming than you talking about your goals and ambitions? You are a person with desire and to have a strong desire to achieve anything in life is what ambition is.

Talking about the goals that you have or the success that you want to achieve is a very charming thing. You display your abilities to visual your future, you tell them that you’ve visions and aspirations in life. You are a person with strong plans and dreams to fulfill and you do your best to achieve them.

You discuss your ideas of having a strong thinking game, you seek for opportunities to achieve your set objective.

You should not hesitate while telling them about your dreams even if they seem unachievable at present because that adds in your self confidence. Always talk about your long term and short term goals.

Don’t be ashamed of having any goal which is different or something with less value. You are admired for having ambitions and a life with a purpose. You are nothing in this world without a direction to your life.

Success is at top, if ranked in the list of things that are charming in this world.

9. Failures and mistakes


You are a person who is still learning, you are someone who is in the journey of being a better version of your own self and your failures and mistakes are one major part of your life long development. You should never back of from talking about all the times you failed in your past to reach where you exactly are.

This is so charming to discuss, the mistakes that you did, the downfalls that you faced and the number of times when you almost gave up.
These are some of the things that are charming and engaging to talk about. They fetch out a feeling of comfort and familiarity in you and you start to tell them about everytime that the thought of losing it all reached your mind.

Failures are a result of your trial, and you’re ten times more attractive to learn from them instead of falling apart. You should talk about the differences that you feel in your now and then self. You talk about your mistakes as they are your lessons.

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10. Things that make you feel beautiful and at peace

You are a work of art in this world and you have the right to feel beautiful and pretty in your own ways.

Remember the dazzling eyes and the glow that your face shows while you are talking about something that makes you feel beautiful. You talk about the most amazing compliment that you have ever received . Discuss the amount of warmth you feel when you are snuggled peacefully in your blanket.

Talk about the things that you do to make yourself feel stable and content. Talk about your feelings, tell them that you are grateful for whatever you have and don’t step back from being thankful.

Kindness is the most beautiful thing in this world and you’re beautiful to understand and talk about it. Tell them that you have also felt jittery at times but soon you were okay and tell them that you are a person who loves telling others about their beauty. This will make you more confident and the audience will gather more towards your heat.

These are some of the topics that you can choose and ace while talking and trying to choose things that are charming. There are no fixed rules while conversing but to stand out you have to do something unique and original. You can talk about any of the above topics and you will feel the energy changing positively in your way.

Qualities like charm and elegance develop on the person throughout his/her life. A step towards becoming a charming person starts with the things that you talk about.
I hope this article helped you in noting and getting knowledge about things that are charming to talk about.

What are some of the things that are charming to you? Share your views in the comment section below! Let us know what you think!

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