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Things That Are Often Heard By Journalism Students

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A journalist plays a very vital role in the maintenance of peace and decorum and keeping an eye on all the activities and functioning of the government. A journalist enlightens the general public about various issues of concern and protects the society from the criminal acts. Hence, a journalist is the most important part of a nation. But there are lost of people who warn students from pursuing this course or feel that this course does not have much scope in future or its not much praiseworthy or not of a high category or respectable course, etc.

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Here are a few things, that are heard by every journalism student once he or she enters the gate of his or her college:

  1. People think that journalism is a kind of course which does not require total devotion towards studies. Hence they always question every journalist whether they have to study or not for the course or examinations. A few students opt for this specific course because they believe that it is one of the easiest courses and the one in which we they don’t have to study much.
  2. Don’t know why people feel that a journalist will not survive in a competitive world where prices and expenses are at a very high level and are increasing at a very rapid pace, year by year. I agree that journalist is not paid that high amount, but they are always content with the services they offer to their nation.
  3. All parents are concerned about their children when they permit them to pursue journalism because they are often under a misconception that a journalist’s life is always at a high risk. It is true, a journalist, risks his or her life to capturing the evidence against people who are the cause of the daily crime.         images (2)
  4. One thing that is often heard by every journalism student is that whether they will receive a job or not, after graduating in their respective course. Most of the experienced people advice students not to pursue this course due to its low scope and minimum job guarantees in the field of journalism.
  5. Electronic media has the highest scope in the field of journalism. So students are often misled by the people. They think that journalism is nothing but speaking for television or becoming a television reporter. Most often the other fields of the same category are neglected.

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