10 Things Every 20 Year-Old Should Know

10 Things Every 20 Year-Old Should Know 1

Twenty is a special number in everybody’s life. As you reach twenty, teenage comes to an end. During teenage,you go through various changes physically, mentally and emotionally and also learn how to cop up with them. So, on reaching twenty here is the list of few things that you should know:


Introspection is very important and effective in one’s life. You should know your own thought processes, desires and dreams. In life, you come across others’ advices and suggestions but do not let them suppress your own voice. Try to introspect and get to know yourself better. Grow as a person what you want and choose to become.


2.Be yourself, don’t imitate others

You should know how to be yourself and respect your own worth and talent. Don’t try to copy others. Your endowment and qualities will definitely lead you to your desired destination. An original is always better than a copy. Just believe in yourself!


3.Take care of yourself

You must take care of yourself and form healthy habits. Take proper sleep, rest and relaxation. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water. Maintain cleanliness around you and always pay attention to hygiene.



4.Take relationships seriously

During teenage ,you have gone or have seen others gone through different experiences in relationships. So don’t just date for the sake of dating and get committed to make your image cool and popular. In this disheartening scenario of instant make outs and quick break ups, try to take your relationships seriously and respect them.


5.Handling emotions

You show know how to control your irritation, frustration, depression, excitement and anxiety. Try to be calm and content.



You should know how to socialize with people in reality more than the social media. Step outside the canvas of whatsapp messages, facebook likes, twitter tweets and instagram pictures. Stop texting, chatting and skyping and try to make more  face to face conversations with people. Put aside your cell phone, laptop and get to recgonise people by actually interacting and talking with them.

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7.Expand your comfort zone

You must know to expand your comfort zone. Make yourself good and comfortable at mutiple tasks. Get outside your comfort zone and attempt new things as much as you can and make yourself congenial doing them. Life begins at the end of comfort zone. So,hurry up!



8.Lead your own way

You must understand that you came into this life alone and will die unaccompanied. Therefore, lead your own way, stand up for yourself and build your own roads to reach your wanted destination. Don’t depend on others and try to seek help from others.


9.Avoid procrastination

You should know time is judicious and make prudent use of your time. You don’t have all the time in the world and no one will wait for you until and unless you make some efforts.  There are many moments which you can’t relive in your life. So, try to grab every opportunity on time barring any delay.



10.Learn more and more

Life is a continuous learning process. Always try to learn more and more. Don’t think that on reaching twenty, you know too much. You should keep flourishing your knowledge and learning. Never let your passion and urge for learning rub off.




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