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Things That Need To Be Changed In The Society

things that need to be changed in the society

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We see around us and realize about the things that need to be changed in the society. But who will make that change? The change begins with us. When we decide to improve ourselves only then we realize about the things that need to be changed in the society.

Although there are many things that need to be changed in the society, we will be touching about specific crucial topics that need our focus right now. It is our responsibility to create a change instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Every year we make decisions to improve something in ourselves, but have you ever thought about the things that need to be changed in the society.

Things That Need to be Changed in the Society

The world is not in its best state right now, and we must ensure that we do something about it. Below are the listed things that need to be changed in the society.

1. Animal Brutality

Animal brutality is one of the things that need to be changed in the society as soon as possible. Animals cannot speak, and the fact that people treat them so poorly is just unacceptable. Over the years, we have always seen people treating animals like servants. They make them do things beyond the limit. Animals are such innocent souls that all they need is food to eat and water to drink.

They do not cause harm to anybody, but it is we who cause damage to them time and again. Animals are killed without any reason and left there bleeding to death. Isn’t it so unfair for such creatures to be treated like that? We need to care for them and preserve them because they teach us what unconditional love is. Do not treat an animal poorly just because you know that they will not cause any harm. Treat them like you treat people you love. Animals deserve to be treated like they matter, and that is why it is one of the things that need to be changed in the society.

2. Discrimination

We have seen discrimination going on ever since we were born. At some point in your life, you must have faced discrimination in some form or the other. Discrimination begins when you are a child. You may be taught things, or you may observe something that forces you to believe that discrimination is okay. Be it teasing a boy in your school for the color of his skin or teasing a girl based on her religion, we have seen discrimination or felt it in some way.

When we are little, we are made to believe that all this is just a joke and does not mean anything. We must understand that judging someone based on their caste, color, race, or religion is not okay even if it is a joke. Most of the time, such judgments go beyond the limits, and nobody should do that.

Everyone should eliminate discrimination, and that is why it is one of the most important things that need to be changed in the society.

3. Sexism

Sexism is one issue that people notice but brush it under the rug. Sexism has been in society forever. From the moment a girl is born, sexism begins. Growing up, only girls are taught how to do household chores and not boys. Girls are always instructed to act a certain way to be accepted by society. We have never thought about why it is that only girls are asked to do so. Why haven’t we questioned it?

It is time that people end sexism and start treating women as equals. Even today, we see all these jokes going around social media regarding feminism. People have a lot of myths about feminism that need to be debunked. People think that feminism is about women wanting to stay at the top, but that is untrue. Feminism refers to equality for women, which they have failed to get.

Even today, men get higher pay than women, also if the workload is equal. Men get a more top designation than women, even if she has worked equally hard. Why is that so? If women are working hard and may be higher than others, then why don’t they get what they truly deserve?

Women do not feel safe because they are objectified, stared at, and abused in a different way, shape, or form. Sexism is one of those brutal things that need to be changed in the society because people must realize that women deserve to be treated equally. They must not be looked at like someone that is not worth anything. Once sexism ends, the things that need to be changed in the society can be looked at in a better way.

4. Unrealistic Beauty Standards

We see that there has been a certain set of standards set for beauty. Have you ever thought about who even made these standards? Who has set these standards? Why are people even following it? We must ask these questions to ourselves because, honestly, we do not have an answer for it.

Growing up, we see celebrities in their petite body, long hair, little to no fat in their body, fair skin, bright smile, and perfect skin. After having this image in mind, we look for the same things in real life. We look for those ideal people around us and within ourselves. When we fail to find those perfect people around us, we tend to start finding flaws.

We tease people based on the way they look. We call them too thin, too fat, too white, too dark, too tall, or too short. It is disheartening that the impression we make in our mind of someone is instantly based off of their looks and that is one of the things that need to be changed in the society. We must not form an opinion about an individual by the way they look. As an individual, if we want to create a change, then we should make sure that the change starts with how we treat others.

5. Unsympathetic Attitude

It has become “cool” or “trendy” nowadays to lack empathy for others. People try to act tough, so they do not seem weak because somehow, society thinks that showing emotions means you are fragile.

It is one of the reasons why people who suffer from mental health issues do not prefer to speak up. The society has made us believe that expressing ourselves is considered to be weak. If we speak up, it means that we are “overthinking.” We tend to tell everybody that we will be there for them, but when the time comes, we are nowhere to be found.

Especially with men, there has been a stigma going around that it is unmanly for a man to cry or show his emotions. Why have we made them believe that only women can show emotions and not men? Men tend to bottle up their feelings because they think that people will mock them if they open up.

Icy Media

Each individual, irrespective of their gender, goes through their share of struggle. Instead of mocking them or showing an all happy life on social media, we must normalize the fact that it is okay to open up and share emotions. Nobody should feel like they are alone or do not have a shoulder to cry on.

If we are looking at the things that need to be changed in the society, we must begin it by talking about it and normalizing the fact that not every day is a perfect day, and nobody lives the ideal life.

6. Education System

We are aware that the education system is unfair on a lot of levels. The ability of a student is always based on the marks that he/she has scored. Even our parents tell us to study hard and get good grades, and we are made to believe that if we do not acquire good grades, then it merely means that we are not worth anything.

The education system must be upgraded to teach students more about humanity and not be as stressful as it already is. Even though grades are a form of checking the knowledge of the students, but it should not be the end of the world. The majority of students do not have good grades but are fantastic in doing other activities. They may have ample knowledge, but it may not show in their mark sheet, but that does not mean that the student lacks knowledge or talent.

Parents should encourage their children to follow the things that they love instead of pressuring them to do as they say. They may force their children to opt for the highest degree just because it has the most top pay, and the society will only respect that person if he obtains that degree.

If a child is choosing to follow his passion, then the society should let him/her do so. As long we do things that we love, we remain happy.

7.  Lack of Self-love

Why is it that out of all the people we love, we forget to love ourselves? It is because the society has made us believe that we must always be selfless and bother about everything and everyone around us expect ourselves.

People need to start loving themselves because, as soon as you start loving yourself, you decide to love everyone around you whole-heartedly. Self-love is not a one-time job. We cannot wake up one day and decide that the person we need to prioritize is ourselves.

We realize about the things that need to be changed in the society, but why do we forget that the change begins from within. With all the standards set by the society, we do not even take a minute to start counting flaws in ourselves. Yes, we are not perfect. We are all humans we are bound to make mistakes time and again, but that is how we learn and evolve and be the better version of ourselves.

If we want to see the things that need to be changed in the society, then it will only be possible if we realise that we must not let the society bring us down just because they expect us to be the way they want.

8. Bullying

Do you think bullying happens only when you are a child? Well, you may be wrong. Bullying takes place at almost every stage of our lives. It comes in the form of mental or physical abuse. Going to a school, we always have this fear in our minds that we will face bullying by people around us.

Many times, bullying begins with people you may consider as your friends. The way they manipulate you or make fun of you publicly is also a form of bullying. People do not realize this, but a lot of times, mental health issues occur when a person faces trauma in the past that they are not able to get over with.

Bullying affects people in more ways than we could ever imagine. Mental or physical abuse severely affects a person, and it could also lead to people suffering from depression or anxiety. That is why bullying is one of those things that need to be changed in the society as soon as possible.

9. Destruction of the Environment

Humans are notorious for destroying the environment in more ways than one could imagine. We have destroyed the environment that we live in. The use of plastic has ruined the environment. Did you know that almost every piece of plastic that we have ever used is still out there? It is horrifying when we think about it.

Be it overconsumption, overpopulation, overexploitation, deforestation or pollution, each of us has a contribution of destroying the environment in some way or the other. If we want to create a change, then we must start by preserving the environment.

These were a few things that need to be changed in the society. We can create change so that it is helpful for everyone else in the long run. What are the other things that need to be changed in the society? Let us know in the comments.



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