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5 Things That Women Want From Men

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Impressing women can be tough, and men generally go through an extensive list of expectations to impress them. But guys, don’t lose hope because here is a list of things that all women expect from their better halves.

1.Your commitment and care

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Most women are possessive about their man; she wants to feel special in a relationship, so be completely committed to her. Just loving her is not enough; you also need to tell her and show her that you care through your words and actions. Ask her how she is, discuss her problems and call or text her at short intervals. She also wants you to be honest. Even if you make a mistake, do not hide it, just be honest. If she truly loves you, she will find a way to forgive you.

2. Sweet surprises


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Every woman love surprises. Even small gifts like chocolates, roses, love letters can make her happy. Women don’t mind the size of the gift, but a surprise will earn you brownie points. Take her for a short walk, a lunch, or a dinner; this will make her truly happy, and you will also get some time with her.

3. Her father’s image

Women love to behave like a baby with their man at times and expects you to pamper her as her father would. She even expects a protective attitude, but don’t be overprotective, or else she will feel controlled. Protect her from others while remaining gentle and kind to her at all times. Women always love a gentleman over a freak.

4. Crowning Glory

Women like to flaunt their men in front of their friends. She expects you to be more educated than her. She also expects her man to be smart, elegant, and tall. So, guys, you need to study hard and get a good job to get the girl of your dreams.

5. Emotional and Physical support

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No women like a man who is weak or has no self-control. She wants her man to stay strong, act intelligently and make her feel safe and secure in his presence. She wants you to be on her side in every dark phase of her life and to show your full physical and mental support. It gives her pleasure, and she will also respect you for it.

Above all else, she wants to be assured that she is the best thing that ever happened to you.



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