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Things When Left Unspoken


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Silence is a way to express your in depth feelings when you know that you can reflect your feelings openly or before the person. Whether you are too upset, or too glad, or too insecure, or too angry, you always prefer remaining silent to make sure that situation doesn’t go out of control. But do you even realise that the same silence can be the cause of numerous problems and misunderstandings in your life?

There are many people who prefer remaining silent rather than confessing what’s in their mind and heart. They leave their emotions buried deep inside them and will never take any effort in letting them fly away with the pace of the wind. This silence is the major cause of break ups and separations. The awkward silence disturbs everyone. When you are angry with your boyfriend or girlfriend over a trivial issue, you decide to remain silent and let things the way they are. You don’t put in any efforts to sort out the matter. You just feel that silence will heal the wounds that have been caused by your soul mate.

But it does not happen as you imagine. It only worsens the situation. Your soul mate might take your silence as a thought that you’ve done something wrong that you’re trying to hide from him or her. Also, he might feel that you might not consider him, or she too, be important in your life and so it does not affect you at all. In the end, they take a drastic step of parting away from you. At the end, your silence kills you deep within and you are left with nothing but regret that why did not you speak when you had the golden chance of saving your relationship?

One must only remain silent when you know that it’s worthless taking to certain people who do certain things to provoke you to reflect your impulsive side before the entire public and hence ruin your character and personality. Therefore, always sort out things wherever you can and whenever possible. Make sure you do so.



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