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7 Things Women Need To Stop Doing If They Want Gender Equality.

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With the age-long debate on gender equality still going strong, is there ever going to be an end to it? Will the goal ever be achieved?

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Not until we stop misconstruing the whole concept. Equality does not support special treatment for any of the sexes- be it a man or a woman. While the feminists bash men, here are seven things we as women need to put an end to attain gender equality.

1. Ladies first.
While this seems to be done with the purest of intentions, this has got to stop. It’s definitely hard to resist this rule, as who doesn’t want a bit of that special treatment or save on those few minutes in their busy schedule. But isn’t that hypocritical on our part? Do we need to iterate the meaning of equality? So next time a gentleman voices these words to you in a queue, smile and politely refuse.

2. Accepting an offered seat.

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This again is a chivalrous act often performed in buses, theatres, and other public places. While one would definitely love some respite for those ever-burdened legs, say a NO. Are you sick? Are you old? Are you exhausted and drained of all your energy? If the answers are negative to the above questions, there is no reason why you should be having a seat and not your male counterpart. Let “first come, first serve” be the basis of the judgment rather than your sex.

3. Expecting a partner faring better than you financially.

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Let this never be a parameter for choosing your partner. And if you happen to have one who fulfills this criterion, make sure he doesn’t raise his eyebrows at the prospect of having it the other way. There is nothing wrong with looking for someone capable enough to support himself and his family but never look down upon a man earning less than his woman. That is no reason to be judgemental in a world where we are demanding equality.

4. Saying-“It’s a man’s work.”
No, it’s not. Get on the stool and change that bulb. Go out to the store to get the groceries for the day while your brother stays home playing video games. Help your Dad lift that heavy box. We do not say that women are stronger physically unless, of course, Mary Kom, but why prove the fact by playing an “abla Nari.” Just get up and do all that your strength allows you to, and your potential will stump you.

5. Letting yourself be solely characterized by your looks.

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While we are definitely not against the world turning around every time you cross, let that not become your identity. Do not be addressed as the “fairer sex.” Because you aren’t just a pretty face. There is no limit to what a woman can do physically, emotionally, or intellectually. As cliched as it sounds, it’s true. If you ever feel someone is inclined to do you favor based on your physical appearance, refuse to accept it.

6. Letting things pass.
No, we aren’t asking you to argue with those perverts leering at you while you are crossing a deserted road. While we support rational behavior when it comes to your security, make sure you do not let things pass where you are in a position to fight it. Give that guy an earful if he crosses his limits in a crowded bus. The crowd will take care of the rest. Do not let your colleagues or relatives make any comment that undermines you as a woman. Remember your silence for one creates another ten.

7. Shying away from your womanhood.

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Yes, you are a woman, and you have sufficient reasons to be proud of that fact. Embrace your womanhood. Let the world see you as the epitome of strength and vitality that you are. Carry every aspect of your femininity with pride, and the world will bow to the woman in you.

Womanhood is priceless. Gender equality means equally treating men and women. No gender is superior or inferior to the other, and that is how we must treat each other.


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