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10 Things You Can Totally Relate To If You Are Not a ‘Girly’ Girl

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Being a girl is a herculean task. But you can make things easier for yourself. With three-fourths of the girly stuff off your list, you have it all figured out. *GRIN*

1. Your wardrobe only consists of jeans and T-shirts.

Did you know there is something called palazzos? Or that there are more than 15 types of skirts – godet, gypsy, pencil, and bubble, to name a few? Well, we know what you are thinking. Why care about anything when you have a comfortable pair of jeans which go perfectly with all the tops you own and of course by tops you mean comfortable loose T-shirts.

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2. And makeup? Of course, NO.
What the hell do you need with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt? You will definitely put on some lip gloss if you are going to a party else; you are just fine. Makeup is just extra weight. And what kind of girl wants to unnecessarily add on to her weight (not that you care much about that either). Boys take more time to get ready than you do. No more explanations are needed.

3. Awwwww-CROSS, XoXo-CROSS… F**k off-TICK.
When you use your rich vocabulary, even the guys have their mouths hung open. Need we say more?

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4. Your playlist contains more metal or “realistic” songs than romantic numbers.
“I knew I loved you before I met you”-Oh really?? Doesn’t “But in the end, it doesn’t even matter” make more sense??

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5. The unsolvable ‘ISKI SHAADI KAISE HOGI?’ question.
Marriage is the ultimate goal of all your relatives. If you belong to an Indian family and possess no “ladki ke sanskaar,” you are the prime cause of their anxiety. With never-ending interrogations on what talents you possess, and by talents we mean cooking, classical dancing/singing, needle-craft, etc., you get zero points in every aspect. But now, how is it your fault that Maggi got banned? At least you could have aced the cooking part with Maggi in the market. Life is tough. *SIGH*

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6. And once in a while, when you decide to bring out the girl in you, it’s a complete disaster.
Be it matching your earrings with your top (you never knew they needed to match until your friend pointed that out) or borrowing the perfect footwear for your outfit (of course, all you own are sports shoes), you get it all wrong in the end and look like a complete idiot till your favorite jeans come to your rescue.

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7. Don’t even get us started on your hair.
You would love to keep your hair short, but then your hair being long is proof of you being a girl. So while you decide to keep it long, all you make of it is a ponytail or a messy bun. French braid, bangs, puff, fish braid?? No, thanks. (And you are not even sure what some of these mean)!

8. None of your friends ever ask your opinion on anything remotely related to fashion.
Need we say the reason? Instead, they try their best to instill in you some fashion sense, but all they get is an absolute disappointment because you don’t listen. And if at all you do, it all lasts for an eye-blink before you go back to being your old self.

9. Shopping is a complete nightmare for you when you are with your friends and a minute’s affair when you are on your own.

You can never understand what makes your friends take so long when they are out shopping. What exactly are they searching for? The Deathly Hallows, maybe. We feel for you, girl.

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10. Despite all of the above, you completely rock.
With the sheer confidence that you carry within yourself or the feminist arguments you have with the boys, you are absolutely a no-nonsense person who is loved and adored by all those who know you.


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