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Things to Do on Your Commute to Class

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We spend most of our days in some kind of vehicle for transportation. Whether you like it or not, chances are you’ll spend at least an hour in your day stuck in a car, bus or train. The commute for many people can be dreadful and tough to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be. Read our list below on ways you can make your commute an enjoyable experience.

Play Games Online or Offline

Video games are great for improving your focus, memory and cognitive skills. And now, thanks to smartphones you can play your favorite games online. You can choose from brain-training games like Sudoku, crossword, puzzles or you can play fun racing games like Mario Kart. For people that like action games, there are great sites that offer classic action games like Street Fighter and World of Warcraft.

If you like playing games of chance, you can also have fun as there are many online casinos and mobile casino apps that offer various casino games. It’s important to keep in mind, especially as a beginner to online gambling, to familiarize yourself with the rules and types of casino games online.

Casino sites are packed with different versions of classic casino games so you can find plenty of versions of online roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, slot games and more. 

Besides the games, these sites also offer helpful guides for those games along with strategies that will help you increase your winnings. You can be the next Arnold Snyder with a strong strategy and earn a little extra on your next commute to class. 

Prepare for Class

Being stuck on the commute for a certain amount of time is great for your productivity, as there fewer distractions. If you feel awake and alert, you can use this time to prepare your notes for class, revise for exams, read your assignments or do your homework. Apps like Evernote, Google Keep, and SimpleNote help immensely with tracking your deadlines, notes, ideas, and projects. 

Read a Book

Based on your classes and the amount of schoolwork you need to do, you can choose to tackle your difficult subjects or read something for fun. Some people like to read more complex topics because they feel that they are more focused, and they also have no trouble concentrating in a crowded space. But, if you like to use that time to relax, any book that captivates your attention will do.


Your headphones can help you to create space for your relaxation. You can listen to an interesting podcast, your favorite songs or meditations. Your brain will function 100 times better when you’ve taken time to relax and rest properly. Short naps on your commute are also a good option, for everyone that is able to fall asleep while traveling.

Keep in Touch With Friends

This is an hour you can use to set plans for your weekend or catch up with friends and family members you don’t see often. Make a phone call or use social media platforms to connect with them. Their virtual company will help you feel better and you’ll likely feel happier when you’ve organized all your social activities for the week ahead of you.

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