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Thoughtfulness: Think Before You Speak & Best 10 Reasons Why

think before you speak

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Why do you think it is important to Think Before You Speak?

As we all know, communication has become the basic essence of human existence and now plays a huge role in our daily lives. The communication skills of a person matter a lot and constitute a major component of his/her personality. 

It reminds me of this famous quote by Rene Descartes, who said:

“I think, therefore, I am”

The quote suggests that I exist because I can think. To say in simpler terms, the ability of thinking brings us into existence. But language and communication have not existed from the beginning of the world.

Language and Communication have developed extensively since ancient times and continues to grow every day.

The essentials for good communication skills & conversation are speaking, writing, and thinking. To think before you speak is a mantra that can save any conversation from falling into the wrong quadrant. 

Think Before You Speak: 10 Reasons Why

1.The Reaction Speaks Louder than Action

We often find ourselves stuck in between arguments where our reflex action is to say anything to hurt others’ ego. This reaction is a natural tendency found in all human beings. The thing which makes a difference is how we react to anything said to us. The immediate response might make you feel good for a precise moment, but the response after thinking will provide you peace.

It is imperative to think before you speak at such moments. This helps you in keeping your sanity in check. Once the words are out of your mouth, you can never take them back.

What’s said is said, there is no going back after that. So, it’s important to think before we speak, whatever the situation may be. 

You will get to analyze your statements and opinions. It will save you from any further embarrassment which an impulsive answer could get you into, which might hurt someone.  You can think of sassy responses instead of saying anything hurtful or meaningless.

This all can happen only if you think before you speak. 

2. What’s Said is Said. There is No Going Back!

The words once out from your mouths can never be reversed, and we all know this even if we try to manipulate or dismantle the actual statement. Words once said, can never be taken back.

So the fear of saying anything which you might regret in the future is always there. This can only be prevented if you think before you speak. Thinking doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to say something sweet or flattering.

But it will at least provide you with a space to form statements which you might not regret later.

There are various situations in life where all that matters is what we say and converse about. Be it any formal setting or an informal chat with your buddies, and your spoken words matter a lot. 

Imagine that you are in between an interview and they ask about your interests. Your speaking skills are faster than your thinking skills. You blabber a random sport to impress them. But you’ve no idea about the sport at all. 

Now, if you would have thought this answer beforehand, then you could have prepared many facts. Facts, supporting your own statement. But now you are stuck fumbling to form sentences.

It is effortless to spot mistakes and faults in a fumbled statement, so there your words just proved you wrong. All this can easily be prevented if you think before you speak. This can increase your chances of ace the conversation. 

3. Promoting Optimistic Behavior 

When you are talking in an impulsive state, then your negative chances are supremely high. On the other hand, if you think you are in control of your emotions before you speak.

It would be best if you tried to put your best positive side forward. As people are more impressed by the positive side than the negative one. Also, a positive attitude and thoughts will help improve your life.

Positive thinking will help increase the good vibes around you. Your perspective of viewing things also changes drastically in a good and healthy manner. 

In today’s social media influencers era, everyone appreciates a person with a motivating and positive mindset. Thinking about your opinions before putting them out on the platter for others is what is required to avoid unnecessary humiliation. 

This helps you avoid any unnecessary drama of facing negative or discouraging opinions of an angry internet society, which could be exhausting to face. 

Your behavior towards your own self will change positively. With positive thinking, you start progressing at a personal level. The best part is that this habit of thinking before speaking enhances your personality traits. 

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4. It is Attractive to Think Before You Speak 

On a date, you are nervous and terrified on the inside, trying to maintain a calm composure on the outside. .You are meeting the person for the first time and want to leave a good impression on them.  So, you wouldn’t want to scare them away with your impulsive, and thoughtless replies. 


You are in the habit of thinking before speaking, and this becomes one of the great charms of your personality. You not only always let the other person talk but also listen to them sincerely.

And then provide them with genuine, thoughtful suggestions and opinions about the subject, which makes you a great conversationalist with whom all the people want to converse. 

Another factor is that you completely own the conversation by making them believe that they are the ones leading it. But it is actually you pulling strings with your eloquence to reach your desired conclusion. 

All this happened because you knew what you were saying and understood the person’s mindset next to you. The chances of you winning over the other person increase a lot when you pre-think your speech before it leaves your mouth.  

You will have a grip on your own words along with the presence of the mind, which does not come easy. To sound kind and clever at the same time. Not everyone can master this art of Think before you Speak.

If you think before you speak, you actually realize your speech’s effects on your mind to a great extent. In fact, you are able to analyze the results and the future responses you might face after making any statement.

5. Good for Mental Health 

We all know how our mind holds hundreds of arguments at the same time inside our head. But out of those, only a  few thoughtful ones make it out through speech if you’ve mastered the art of thinking before speaking.

If not, in a momentary impulse, you might show people all your thoughts and how actually your mind works, which people can use to their advantage to manipulate them.

It becomes necessary to have at least some sort of control over your thoughts and thinking patterns to be able to keep some mystery alive.

Sometimes we say very hurtful and mean things without taking a second to think about them. And later, we still wish to take back many things that were said as well as done. But it is impossible to take back words flown out of your mouth.

However, you know, the possible thing one can do is not to repeat them in the future. I know it can get really bothersome for us to let go at times. But to prevent future headaches and mental stress, we can start following a simple routine habit: to think before you speak. 

Better pay attention to control your words than controlling your thoughts for a lifetime.

Overthinking causes severe mental issues. One of the main causes of this is not to think about the reactions of others. People sometimes don’t realize how powerful words can be and their influence on people.

Here, I would like you to think a bit and exercise your thinking abilities. Think about the last time you were overwhelmed and sad because of something mean being said to you. Yes, now you will understand that your words affect others’ mental health and well-being.

To avoid making someone feel that way, start planning your sentences and try your best to be kind. You can think, take your time and think thoroughly before responding. And in the end, the politeness and kindness you offer is the best way to show how much you care.

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6. Increased Effectiveness 

Once you grow a habit of thinking before you speak, you will enjoy the freedom of intense observation instead of talking. 

Your words will be limited (in a sense, not hurtful or rude)and effective. You will know what you are talking about and how you’re presenting it to others. Your skills of sounding more effective will help you ace many things in life. 

This skill not only helps you in your personal life, but it is provenly good for your professional upfront too. Any interviewer will keenly notice how effective your statements are. You are more likely to be appreciated and promoted based on how effectively you speak, along with other skills. 

An effective speaker is not always the one who knows facts and universal laws. He is the one who is eloquent and can convincingly talk. He ensures on making people believe what is says and persuades them with his quick conversationalist skills. 

All this can only be done if you think before you speak about anything that comes from your mouth. Becoming an effective and eloquent speaker can help achieve a great deal of success in professional and personal life. 

In present times, we all know the value of social networking. Social networking can only be successfully done with excellent communication skills. Social interaction is a must in almost every sector of society.

Think before you speak skill will open many gates of opportunities for you. Planning your words will help you in the positive aspects of your career and life as well.

The fluency of thinking is as important as the fluency of talking. Think before you speak; mantra can help you avoid weird and uncomfortable conversations. Imagine you know six languages and still can’t communicate properly in even one of them. What good would that make? 

7. Reflect Kindness

A compliment from someone can delightfully change one’s mood. If a single kind word from you can bring a smile on someone’s face, then what is stopping you? A few seconds of your time spent in making sweet compliments won’t harm anyone. 

Saying kind words out loud requires the thoughtful presence of mind and a mantra of thinking before speaking.

Often, we playfully slip mean comments at our loved ones and end up marking them as banter. So we can also start normalizing kind statements and appreciations. Compliments like ” You look cute” or ” Your smile is pretty” can add so much confidence in another person’s mind.

Moreover, they will make you count in as a thoughtful and kind person. It is a kind reminder that from now on, do not hesitate before saying anything kind. Say something thoughtful to someone whom you want to make happy. 

8. Be True To Your Words 

If you do not think before you speak, there are more chances of getting stuck in false promises and hopes. It is self-evident that sometimes we impulsively make promises and statements without thoroughly thinking about the after-effects. 

This habit can create a wrongful image of you in front of everyone. This promotes a non-accountable behavior of one’s own actions. This can be proved as a very negative trait in your personality.

Changing statements repeatedly or not being sure of your own plans is just an example of you being dishonest and unsorted. No one appreciates such behavior for so long, and you will end up as a bad person.

On the other hand, if you have a habit of thinking before you speak. You will think twice before making any promises, even to your closest friends. This habit of yours will enhance their trust upon you and your words.

Gaining someone’s trust is the biggest struggle nowadays as it never comes easy. 

9.Shaping Your Mind

Whatever words you use, they shape your mind in how you will see the world. Many of us are so comfortable while talking negatively about others and even ourselves.

As such, thinking patterns are naturalized since the time of childhood that it becomes almost impossible to break away from them. We don’t realize that this can have a huge effect on our mindset and how we perceive the world.

Our mind starts creating its own perspective based on what we think and talk about. If we always point at the negative things, then our personality automatically adapts it. It will take a great deal of hard work and a long time to get over that habit. 

So instead of waiting for the chance of curing it, we should start preventing this mindset from controlling our minds. The easiest way to start changing your perspective is to think before you speak.

To analyze your own thoughts and to make your brain adapt a habit of being positive. This small change can help you create and achieve wonders in your life. But have some patience. It is not an easy art to master as it is a slow process and requires time. 

10. Better and Meaningful Conversation 

A person with a pause button in his mind is capable of making fluent conversations. A person with an understanding of knowing where to stop speaking and when exactly can ace any conversation with grace.

The habit of considering others’ opinions and thoughts adds to a meaningful skill in a conversation. Any conversation is made before actually thinking it tends to fail.

 A person with good thinking ability and control over his thoughts helps themselves and other people get more comfortable talking to him freely. These people provide a safe space for others involved in the conversation to feel free and speak honestly without any constraints. 

This enhances an emotional intellect in your personality, which is a great thing. After reading all these ten reasons for ” why you should think before you speak.” You might have developed a better understanding of the significance of this topic.

In my opinion, any person who knows that whatever he is saying cannot be reversed is ten times more attractive than the usual one. People who take responsibility and accountability for their own words are always preferred.

Over someone who blurts out anything which comes to his mind without any control over their thoughts. 

Any person with words flooding from his mouth before thinking thoroughly is keener to face difficulties in life. Be it be professional or personal aspects of life.

The best thing about this is, it is never too late to start developing thinking skills. Your personality is never too rigid to get developed. These were some of the reasons to make you understand the importance of thinking before speaking.

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