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The Third Kind of People Other Than Single And Committed


“Are you single or committed?” This is one of the most frequently faced questions by the Youth generation. While this question usually results in a smile on the face of a person belonging to the latter kind (which magnifies a soul mate’s presence), it aggravates the ones belonging to the single category. The ordinary perspective of the world always forces us to look at ourselves in either of the two categories. Of course, it favors a committed mode of relationship, thus making everyone believe that “Singles are so, due to their own weaknesses.” This often depresses singles and leads them to ask their innermost self, “Why are we still single?” They start exploring answers to this question everywhere around the world, and while getting influenced by others, they start to believe that there is some problem that lies within them, which resulted in them being single.

We are all aware that weakness is the last thing that the youth wants to see within them. Everyone wants to attain perfection, leaving no chance for others to outwit them in any way.  Considering singleness as a weak trait, people try to secure themselves against it. Thus the young often end up in relationships not because they feel romantically for another person but just for the sake of i. It’s ok if he doesn’t like her habits or her public behavior. It’s ok if he’s not able to devote his time to his dreams because of her. It’s ok because, with her, nobody laughs at him. It’s ok because he has someone to spend time with on Valentine’s Day. Now, does it really seems ok to have a girlfriend, even if you don’t like her? It’s not, and if you are doing this, stop it immediately.

To all those who think that being single doesn’t let them look cool, sneak into the lives of all the world’s successful personalities. You will find out that majority of them were single during their young age, not because they were weak but because they were committed, with their dreams, with their desires. Moreover, they were Royal Gentlemen, who never found it wise to deceive a girl in the name of love. They belong to the third category, which can be named the“Royal Gentles.” So, you may still be single because you belong to this category; take out some time for self-realization.

So, all the singles out there, next time when someone asks you, “Are you single or committed”?. Don’t run away from the question or switch to another topic. Instead, revert with your eyes high and reply- “I am committed,” and start smiling over their baffled faces. And instead of feeling jealous or getting restless while looking at couples, start walking with your head sky-high with a cheerful smile on your face, elegant enough to show the world that you belong to the “ROYAL GENTLES,” i.e., the Third Kind.


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