This Pain Never Leaves Me.

This Pain Never Leaves Me. 1

This poem is actually a verse written by a girl about her jilted love. She was loved, broken and thrown away by that one person who she loved terribly. The same guy deserted her like she never even existed. These are the words that she has carved out of her heart and its desperation. It’s all about a heartbroken girl struggling to cope with the heartbreak and the loss of someone she dearly loved.

love love vashikaran

I know I’m nothing without you,

and I know I never was.

It’s been years since our separation

but the smell of memories

never parted.

I replaced you

but no one can be you.

I, the love fool still weep,

on your loss,

on my “lost-love”.

This pain never leaves me,

this fear never leaves me.

And I keep on writing

only about you

and our “incomplete story”.

You were my healer,

but you are beyond my reach.

You taught me to live,

but you are are not in here.

My ears ring with your words,

certain things are lost forever.


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