Thought 1

An ode to those legendary beings whose incredible effort accelerated humanity to a new height of development. How a simple word that seems to be just a part of the dictionary engraves life’s essence. Either in the form of desire or lust, save or sacrifice, love or hate, all depends on how a thought is processed.

 We think for ourselves, and our thought is based on us; we live in this world, and the world resides in us, we live this life, and the life is created within us. Amazingly, everything that is manifested on the outside is all created within.

Flares hunger darkness
illuminated the world,
Time is independent
Untying knots makes it hard,
Still, the stones upturned by legends,
The reason was a thought that came as a grenade.

Got a fruit when a fruit fell,
It got to burn when a spark yelled,
Tribesman to new tons of knowledge,
Incidental thought pushed life on the wedge.

Love, hate, world dribble on thoughts,
Either a debtor owned for what you bought,
Swim in life before you rot,
Drowning in fear or docking with thought.

Each life wanders the way you thought,
On how to fabricate the ship,
Hover or underwater hinged on,
The way a thought is a slip.

Mysterious word several handlers,
Ocean of trouble, key of answers,
It gives a being the right to be bought,
Enough to enlighten another thought…

…A thought…one thought

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